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Friday Five

5 random things I've enjoyed about the Olympics

  1. Team GB's uniforms: love the monochrome union jack
  2. The Romanian women's gymnasts outfits: they're always some of my favorites
  3. Rooting for random countries just because
  4. Dressage: it's floor exercise for horses!
  5. Table tennis: so intense and awesome

Friday Five

Football started last night and the US Open is going on, so what better time to have a sports related Friday Five?

Favorite (Current) Athletes
  1. Roger Federer
  2. Kobe Bryant
  3. Peyton Manning
  4. Pau Gasol
  5. Tiger Woods

Quick Craft

Few weeks back I was at Target and noticed they had penalty and challenge flags with their Super Bowl party stuff. However they were selling them for around 3 or 4 dollars for 2, so I wasn't going to buy them, but it gave me the idea to make my own for my Super Bowl "party". My general goal when I make things is to spend the least amount of money possible. It's more fun that way.

Went to the fabric store in hopes of finding suitable remnants but had no luck. Ideally, they would be made out of ripstop fabric but that stuff is expensive. Instead I found some relatively cheap cotton in the right colors. I ended up buying 1/3rd of a yard of red and yellow. I cut the fabric into approximately 13" squares, which gave me 3 flags of each color, with minimal leftovers. For the ends, Sammy the Shark, kindly donated some of his innards. I didn't want them to have anything too heavy in them just in case they get thrown in anger. I used rubber bands to cinch them up, but I may change to silver twist ties or wire to make them more accurate.

So the only thing I purchased specifically for the project was the fabric, which was $2.66. But Sammy and his plentiful innards were $1 and I'm sure you could get a package of rubber bands for $1 as well. Beats what Target was selling them for.


Go Colts!

Yay Lakers

This is what makes watching all the games, postgame coverage, and (far too much time) reading sports blogs worth it...


I'm going to have alot more free time on my hands now.

Stitch Story: How to Spell Kobe

Back in March, my mom came out to visit and was conveniently here for a Lakers-Spurs game (she's a very very casual Spurs fan). At one point during the game, Kobe did something that made her say....

She of course meant it as an insult to Kobe for his arrogance/show-boating/unstoppableness, but the sentiment can really be taken either way, which makes it even funnier.

This was my first time working with metallic/light effects thread. Ugh. What a pain that was. I think the picture makes it look worse than it actually is, but there are some puffy stitches. I was just trying to get through it. I think it's going to be a long time before I try metallic thread again.


Lakers, you are going to send me to an early grave. But you give me pictures like these to look at, so I forgive you....for now.

Kobe doing his best seal impression.
Thumbnail image for kobe_seal.jpg
Getty Images

Pau staring down one of the crappy officials.
Thumbnail image for pau_stare.jpg
Getty Images

French Open starts tomorrow. Hopefully someone (i.e. Federer) can stop Nadal. Apparently Ana Ivanovic is using Kings of Leon as "inspiration" for the tournament. Which means she'll play well in the first few rounds and then start playing like crap and lose.

Blame It On July

  • Still working on Atonement, last week I took a break and re-read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, which I've really enjoyed both times I've read it. It's a mystery told from the perspective of a 15 yr old with Asperger's syndrome (or high functioning autism)
  • No work today, so I was able to watch quite a bit of Wimbledon finally. Of course they didn't actually show Federer's match, But i got to see both Williams sisters' matches even though I already knew the outcome. One of them has to win, I can't imagine anyone else winning. I find it amusing that the top women's seeds have all lost. I think it just proves how inconsistent they all are. I think there will be lots of different top ranked players for awhile. Oh, and I've been impressed by Andy Murray. He totally crushed Tommy Haas the other day. It was like watching Federer play Roddick (or Hewitt). Total domination. I haven't seen him play all that much cause he normally loses early on, but it seems that he might have gotten his shit together. I hope he beats Nadal. preferably like the way he beat Haas.
  • Got Wii Fit yesterday, I suck at everything except hula hoop. Go figure.
  • Watched the first season of Californication. There are alot of boobs in that show. But David Duchovny is funny. Also saw Be Kind Rewind, pretty good, definitely better than The Science of Sleep.
  • Before i get to this month's albums, a quick recap of June's picks (Something About Airplanes- Death Cab for Cutie & Songs For Polar Bears- Snow Patrol). It was nice to listen to both albums after such a long time. It actually took me a listen to remember all the songs again. Took me another 3 or 4 listens to stop wondering what the hell happened to Death Cab. But now I want to listen to We Have the Facts & We're Voting Yes. Snow Patrol was a little different because they went "downhill" quicker, so I wasn't as into them. So I just enjoyed hearing the songs again. But moving on to this month's albums...
July is Canadian month apparently, fitting that July 1st is Canada day. Both of these albums are mortal locks to be on my personal classics list that I am sloooooowly compling for my own music nerd purposes. I'm also looking forward to new albums from both these artists this year.

Public- Emm Gryner
Back in the summer of 99, I had to stop listening to this album for a week because I was absolutely killing it. That being said, it's probably been a couple years since I've listened to it. someone I hardly knew gave this album to me back in 98 because they thought I would like it. I listened to it once, thought there was something weird about emm's voice and didn't touch it again for months. Inexplicably I pulled it back out around the end of my senior year of hs and fell in love with it. So that's what the album reminds me of.  It's still my favorite Emm album,  really because it was the first I heard and it has a bunch of nostalgia attached to it because I listened to it so much.

Little Songs- David Usher
Since moving to California, one of the best things I've had the opportunity to do was to see David Usher live a couple of years ago. His albums aren't released here so he never plays in the US,  but he played one show in LA at a tiny little club which was awesome. One of the songs he played was "St. Lawrence River", which is one of my all time favorite songs (I'm a big believer in getting to hear your favorite songs live because it's always special), so that made the show perfect. I listen to this album fairly often, although it's probably been close to a year since I last heard it. This is my favorite David Usher album, and I think it's an example of how great and special debut albums can be. Great debut albums capture the rawness of the artist that can never be duplicated. Before there are any expectations, before songs get overproduced, before drugs and booze become legitimate problems, etc. Little Songs is one of those albums- acoustic, recorded in a kitchen, raw. not to say his other albums aren't good too, but there's definitely something special about this one.


  • Kobe won the mvp...yay!
  • I should be finished with The Time Traveler's Wife next week. I'm limiting my reading to school hours only, otherwise I'd finish it this weekend. It's really really good.

Random Thoughts

  • Thank you Kansas and Memphis for ruining my chances at winning either one of my tournament pools.
  • Saw the Black Keys last week. Good show, but too short. I'm liking the new album.
  • I think XTC is one of those bands I think I should like more than I actually do. I've listened to 'Skylarking' a bunch of times, and I do like some of the songs, but it's just not doing it for me overall. I definitely hear the influence the album had on Blur's 'Great Escape'.
  • It's almost vacation time!
  • Some thoughts after a week of listening to Bic Runga and Madonna (see last entry)...I remember why I liked 'Drive' so much, and how much I like Bic Runga's voice. 'Ray of Light' can definitely tell it's Madonna's "motherhood has changed me" album. There are some songs I still like though. But it got me thinking about my favorite Madonna chronological order....

    1. Material Girl (this is mostly for sentimental reasons, when this song was out, pink was my favorite color, so the video was like heaven to me)
    2. Into the Groove
    3. Open Your Heart
    4. Like a Prayer
    5. Secret
    6. Human Nature

March Madness

It's been awhile since I've had a "proper" update, so here's some random stuff....

  • Watched "Margot at the Wedding"....uhhhhhhhhh....was the point of the movie to show how well Nicole Kidman plays a nutjob?
  • Bought a bunch more cross stitch supplies, finished my latest project (pictures soon), hope to finish my newest "masterpiece" before Monday
  • I can't believe how much baseball is already starting to dominate sports shows/sites. granted, I can't believe the season is about to start either, since it feels like it ended only a month ago. Give it a week and the daily Yanks/Sawks stories will have arrived
  • It's almost March Madness time, that time of the year when I give a shit about college basketball in hopes of winning some free meals. yay! (seriously.....when did I become such a sports freak?)
  • Lost was goooooooooood this week. The Desmond episodes are always interesting because they pull things out of left field...first he's a precog and now he's a time traveler?
  • Since it's March, that means new 1998 albums. All I have to say is thank god. I was never really in the mood to listen to Massive Attack, and Garbage seemed too fresh in my mind, but not entirely unpleasant. Anyway, this month's albums are Moon Safari (Air) and Strung Out in Heaven (Brian Jonestown Massacre). I haven't listened to Moon Safari in at least 3 years, but I was listening to it practically everyday the first 3 or so years after it came out, so this will be a real walk down memory lane. I'm excited to hear they're releasing a 10th anniversary edition next month. I will definitely pick that up. If I ever made a list of my personal classic albums, Moon Safari would be on it for sure. I last listened to Strung Out in Heaven about a year ago(?) after I saw Dig! It's a good album, it's just never been one of those that really sticks out that I want to listen to frequently.