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Friday Five

Things I've been doing during my stitching sabbatical:

  1. Reading
  2. Cooking
  3. Knitting (unsuccessfully)
  4. Making Christmas cards (thinking about it anyway)
  5. Debating the merits of The Walking Dead

WIP Wednesday: Cheesecake Edition

Note: I was supposed to post this Wednesday (obviously) but I'm having a week of complete stupidity and forgot to. So glad this week is over.

My contribution to Thanksgiving this year is pumpkin cheesecake (I don't like pie). I first made it a couple of years ago and almost burned my house down* in the process thanks to a dripping springform pan. Despite that, it turned out pretty tasty.

Here's the main ingredient for the crust. Non-homemade gingersnaps are the devil. You will break teeth trying to eat them. Luckily I was just beating them to a bloody pulp.


I had a picture of the crust, but frankly the crust didn't meet with my OCD level approval so I'm hiding it and hoping it tastes better than it looks.

Here's the cheesecake ready for the oven. I didn't have a flat frosting spatula thingie so it's not as smooth as it could be. That bothered me greatly.


And here's the finished product before I put it in the fridge to sit until tomorrow. Annoyed about the cracks, I didn't have any the first time. Have I mentioned that baking brings out the perfectionist in me? Note the drip stopping foil. I got smart this time.


*not really, but the place did fill up with smoke

Happy Thanksgiving!

Winner Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Congrats to....


The correct answer was: 7:25 am

Expect an email from me soon Lynn!

Birthday Contest!

It’s my birthday, and this just happens to be my 200th post, so I’m having a contest! Last year I gave away a mystery stitch to a great home. This year, I’m doing things a bit differently...

The prize:

One custom cross stitch made by me just for you. Basically, I’ll ask you a bunch of random questions, and use that info to design something especially for you.

How to play:

All you have to do is guess the time I was born (12:03 am, for example). Whoever is closest without going over (Bob Barker style) wins. If anyone guesses the exact time, I’ll throw in a bonus prize!

To enter, comment on this entry with your guess. Each person gets 1 guess. Don’t forget the AM/PM! Here’s a hint, I wasn’t born in the midnight or noon hours.

The contest ends on Sept 26th. I’ll announce the winner the next day.

If you have any questions, problems, or want to send me gifts, email me:  ponyinarope at

Good luck!

Friday Five

5 flavors of ice cream I had while on bacation.

  1. White chocolate raspberry truffle
  2. Monster cookie (peanut butter ice cream with oatmeal cookie bits and MMs)
  3. Krazy kookie dough (cake batter ice cream with sugar cookie dough)
  4. Southern blackberry cobbler
  5. Huckleberry heaven
My favorite was the blackberry cobbler. Now back to my ice cream sabbatical.

Friday Five

To commemorate the day of my high school graduation, here are some random facts about that day:

  1. We got lucky and graduation was the last day of school, which means we didn't have to actually go to school.
  2. I was almost late for the ceremony and forgot where I was supposed to line up once I got there.
  3. I had Taco Cabana for my post-graduation meal.
  4. Our class songs were "1999" and "Time of your Life" (which I hate).
  5. It was 2 of my classmates' birthdays.

Friday Five

Weekend plans:

  1. Watching the entire 2nd season of Twin Peaks and hopefully some movies.
  2. Eating lots of ice cream, Dr. Pepper floats, and other stuff that is bad for me.
  3. Wearing my pajamas as much as possible.
  4. Working on my swap piece.
  5. Laundry (boo).

Friday Five

First week in Texas. Every visit includes trips to as many local (or non-California) food places as possible, and eating whatever other stuff you can't get in California (like Blue Bell ice cream). This visit's to-do list:

  1. Taco Cabana
  2. Whataburger
  3. Cracker Barrel
  4. Five Guys (apparently there's one close-ish to where I live...who knew!)
  5. Jim's

Friday Five

Currently road tripping out to Texas. So here's 5 other places I've been on road trips to.

  1. Mobile, Alabama
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Seattle
  4. San Francisco
  5. Salt Lake City

Friday Five

I don't eat a lot of chocolate (she types as she eats Hershey's kisses), cause it's not really my favorite of sweet things. But when I do, I prefer...

  1. Cookies and cream (white chocolate with cookie bits)
  2. Chocolate with caramel
  3. Chocolate with toffee
  4. White chocolate
  5. Chocolate with raspberry

Least favorite: dark chocolate

Friday Fools Five

This weeks list is open to interpretation:

  1. ants
  2. pepperoni
  3. rockets
  4. igloo
  5. limes

Friday Five

5 foods I can't resist

  1. burritos
  2. mashed potatoes
  3. fries
  4. cupcakes
  5. soft serve ice cream

New Years Eve Friday Five

Last day of the year, so let's get retrospective!

5 things that happened to me in 2010 that didn't suck:

  1. Got a new phone that isn't a piece of crap
  2. Had my work mentioned on Emm Gryner's journal *insert fangirl giggling here*
  3. Went to a wedding that I actually enjoyed
  4. Cut my hair so it's the shortest it's been in ~10 years without immediately regretting it.
  5. Saw my mom twice in one year
Happy New Year!

Friday Five

New weekly site thingie cause there's no reason I can't update this bad boy more than once a week. And I enjoy making lists of things.

This week, some idiots at People magazine decided that Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive. Once I convinced the Boycrab that he did, in fact, know who Ryan Reynolds was ("He should go back to the pizza place"), we took a look at the sexy dudes he beat out and came up with our own unofficial list.

In no particular order, other than #1.

  1. Jon Hamm: our consensus pick for sexiest man. How he wasn't the pick is beyond me.
  2. Justin Timberlake
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Matt Berninger (from The National). People is too stupid to know who this is

Coming soon...Moomin Mondays!

WIP Wednesday: Birthday Hangover Edition

My birthday was yesterday, but part of my gift was that my mom flew in from Texas to surprise me on Saturday. I had no clue, and considering the awkwardness of my living situation these days, that makes it even more impressive.

Yesterday I also started my stitchy giveaway on Flickr. My Dharma bear and Sonic Youth stitches are going to new homes! Yay!

I've been working on my mystery stitch, which is very close to being finished. I'm going to treat it like a swap and wait until it arrives in its new home before posting pictures.

WIP Wednesday: Homeless Hiatus Edition

Since I'm jobless, I'm forced to move out of my home of 3 1/2 years, which really sucks a big one. So I'm in the midst of packing up and moving to my new temporary home, which means no stitching for a little while as life kicks me in the ass. Once I get settled, I'm planning to start my embroidery project, my NSFW stitch, and finally finish the pony.

I've already packed all my important stitchy stuff up and damn, I had more than I thought I did, especially fabric. Don't know what I expected, I did have an entire drawer devoted to just fabric.

Still hoping to have the birthday giveaway in about a month.

Also, apparently my last post was #100. Who knew!

WIP Wednesday: Unemployed Edition

So last week both my bf and I were fired from our jobs in a spectacularly unprofessional and malicious fashion. At this point I'm going back and forth between anger and depression. Mainly anger. Lots of anger.

But I have been working on my swap piece and I'm really happy with the way it's turning out. Stitching has helped me relax somewhat through all of this. On the bright side, I'll have a lot more time to stitch now!

No swap pictures until it arrives in its new home. Maybe next week.


Things I was reminded of on vacation:

  • How abundant sweet tea is in Texas.
  • How much better the grocery stores are in Texas.
  • Southern California needs some damn used bookstores.
  • I am awful at taking pictures. Got a brand new camera and how many pictures do I take? 9, and that's including multiples of a couple things. I didn't even take pictures of things I intended to take pictures of. I should give it up.
  • Vacation is good for inspiration. I've got a number of ideas for new stitcheries and some xmas stuff as well.
  • I need to reorganize my desk. What reminded me of this, I don't know.
  • Packing lightly is the way to go.

Counting Blue Squirrels

Latest project, appropriately called Electric Blue Squirrel. This came about after attempting to watch the squirrels that live by the train tracks where I work. Little bastards blend into the scenery, so I decided they should be electric blue so that I can see them, which is really kind of pointless because my actual office has no windows in it. Electric Blue Squirrel also sounds like the name of a 90s alt rock band along the lines of Dishwalla. Or maybe that's just me.

While stitching this up, I convinced myself that it's too big, especially for its intended recipient, the S.O. And since he's the main recipient of my work (the Kobe piece is now in his "man cave" with the l33t hax0r one), I may just keep this one for myself and take it to work. Then I can squirrel watch all day.

I'm having a bit of stitcher's block right now. I'm planning to make some gifts for friends/family for my trip back home next month, but the ideas just aren't flowing. So at the moment I've got nothing to work

On a lighter note...I finally bought something from Etsy...

Presenting...Bun the Jacabunny! Kit Lane's work makes me happy. I pretty much freaked out when I saw him and snapped him up accordingly. Now I just need to clean my dust magnet desk and possibly find a better place for him. Even so, my desk just got much cuter.

Concert Hangover= Chicken Pox

Turns out my feeling like shit after the Good Life show was the start of chicken pox. Yes, I've already had them before but apparently that wasn't good enough for the pox gods. I'm awaiting release from quarantine. But in the meantime I get to work from home and miss school. Yay! I am getting a bit tired of being stuck at home though.

Connect the la la la la....

Long Overdue SLC Recap

A couple weeks ago I went up to Salt Lake to visit a friend and to see John Vanderslice play in Provo and SLC. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I generally suck at remembering to take pictures....


Arrived in Mormon country, drove down to Provo (hardcore Mormon country), hit thrift store #1, grabbed some food and proceeded to the venue. Had to wait in line awhile because the doors were pushed back cause the opening band was late getting in and needed food. In the meantime, there were plenty of LA-area douchebags around to remind me of home, further reminding me why i don't go to JV's LA shows and opt to go to San Diego instead. Finally get in, find a good seat with a nice view of the stage, good for taking pictures.....if I hadn't left my camera in the car (strike 1). The venue was pretty cool, reminded me of a smaller Mercury (aka the Parish) in Austin. JV was great as always....played a similar set to the San Diego show, including...

White Dove
Time To Go
Tablespoon of Codeine
Numbered Lithograph
Dear Sarah Shu
Trance Manual
Exodus Damage
The Tower
Up Above the Sea
Pale Horse
Underneath the Leaves

and for the "encore" Keep the Dream Alive unplugged in the crowd.

After almost everyone had left, JV took to the streets outside the venue and played You Were My Fiji by request since the band didn't know it. Yet another opportunity for pictures (strike 2).....THEN he went down the street to a gelato place and played Nikki Oh Nikki. I think the employees were really confused as to what was going on, but JV brought them business. He still had to buy is own gelato though. Oh...and yeah, another chance for pictures (strike 3, I suck).

On the way back to SLC, we picked up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts (which are hard to come by out there)...yummy


More thrift stores....picked up a polo, sweater, 2 belts, and a chain for the bear charm i got the last time I was in town. Jason's Deli for lunch...mmm......COME TO CALIFORNIA. I miss that place. I had greek food for the first time....yummy stuff. Then it was off to the venue for the show. This time I got in free as part of JV's merch crew. Hung out a bit before the show chatting with JV and selling stuff. After the show started I went to try to take some pictures. I had a shit angle, so this was the best i could do....

Another great show....basically identical setlist to the night before, except he played They Won't Let Me Run instead of some other song, and did Keep The Dream Alive and Nikki Oh Nikki as the in crowd "encore". I really wanted to hear The Parade again cause that's one of my favorites from the new album.

Handled the post show merch rush pretty well. Got a tote bag for myself. After, JV and Daniel Hart went to record a Daytrotter session, so I watched that from afar. I'll post a link when it's available.

From the merch table...


Went to the ghetto mall or the San Antonio mall as my friend likes to call it. It was actually really cool. it reminded me of the way malls were when I was younger and didn't despise them. Back before it was all Gap, Aberchrombie, Victoria's Secret and all the other bs. When the food courts were all random places instead of fast food chains. Had some yummy chinese food for cheap. SLC is pretty lousy on sunday because hardly anything is open. Went to Costco and got a churro and drove around for awhile before going to the airport.

It was lots of fun, especially seeing JV 2 nights in a row. reminds me of old times.