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Concert: St. Vincent

Great show last night. The guitar work was amazing as I expected it would be. The highlights for me were Rattlesnake (awesome opener), Regret, Huey Newton (the second half of that song is made for live shows), Krokodil, Your Lips are Red (she made it so much more metal). The crowd went crazy anytime there was a guitar solo which was cool. Then they all left before the encore which was not cool and really weird. 

Setlist (in order):

Digital Witness
Birth in Reverse
Laughing WIth a Mouth of Blood
I Prefer Your Love
Every Tear Disappears
Prince Johnny
Year of the Tiger
Huey Newton
Bring Me Your Loves
Northern Lights
Strange Mercy
Your Lips are Red

Setlist Wishlist: St. Vincent

First show of the year. This will also be the first time seeing St. Vincent since I became a fan. I saw her open for John Vanderslice back when her first album was out, but that barely counts. Oh and the show with David Byrne doesn't really count either.

  • Chloe in the Afternoon
  • Dilettante
  • The Bed
  • Actor Out of Work
  • Surgeon
  • Now, Now
  • Save Me From What I Want
  • Paris is Burning
  • Rattlesnake
  • Severed Crossed Fingers

Concert: David Byrne & St. Vincent

Saw David Byrne and St. Vincent last night in Santa Barbara. Very good show, although the crowd was probably 90% David Byrne fans. There was a lot of dancing and excitement for the Talking Heads songs they played. The setlist was all of Love This Giant, plus solo/Talking Heads songs from both. The horn section they have is crazy good and they did a lot with the staging of the show so there was constant movement on stage.

Some of my highlights:

The Party (they did an awesome job incorporating horns into this song)
The One Who Broke Your Heart
The Forest Awakes

Concert: Sondre Lerche

I was lucky enough to finally have a concert to go to on my birthday. Even better was that it didn't involve driving to either San Diego or LA. It was a great show, lots of entertaing banter and talk about "Arrested Development Land". The set list was interesting, definitely leaned more towards the his first 2 albums rather than his most recent 2. Heard some songs I hadn't heard before which is always fun.

Setlist (not in order):

Dead Passengers
You Know So Well
Modern Nature
Sleep on Needles
Virtue and Wine
Track You Down
Two Way Monologue
On the Tower
Counter Spark
My Hands Are Shaking
Hell No
Airport Taxi Reception
Phantom Punch (yay!)
John, Let Me Go
After All
Boxing Day

Concert: The National & Neko Case

First up, a correction- The last show I saw was Grizzly Bear and Beach House, which was a few weeks after the Thom Yorke show. I forgot about that show because I was sick and almost didn't go.

The view from our seats:
Hollywood Bowl

Apparently The National is a wine and cheese event. Did not get that memo. So much wine. Shame they didn't play "All the Wine", would've been perfect. I'll spare you from my griping about the people there cause, screw them, it's about the music.

Neko Case was awesome as I expected and pretty amusing with her banter, which I didn't really expect. I got to hear 4 of the songs from my wishlist, including 2 of my favorites ("That Teenage Feeling" and "Maybe Sparrow") at the very beginning. She didn't play anything from before Fox Confessor, but it wasn't a full set. She played a few new songs which were pretty good. Here's hoping for a new album next year.

Setlist (approximate order):

That Teenage Feeling
Maybe Sparrow
Margaret vs. Pauline
New Song
Magpie to the Morning
New Song
Song I Didn't Know
Vengeance is Sleeping
Hold On, Hold On
Don't Forget Me
Star Witness

The National are freaking amazing. When Matt started singing "Runaway", I was just amazed at how fantastic his voice sounded. Not that any of this is a surprise to me, since I've seen them before, but I think at this show I was more dialed in compared to the last one. They played 5 of the 6 songs from my wishlist with a "Cardinal Song" teaser at the end of "Avaliable" (god, I love that song). Not to mention that St. Vincent (!!!) played with them on "Afraid of Everyone", "Sorrow", "Thirsty" (yay old songs!), and "Terrible Love".


Anyone's Ghost
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Slow Show
Squalor Victoria
Afraid of Everyone
Conversation 16
Available/Cardinal Song
Fake Empire
Think You Can Wait
Mr. November
Terrible Love
About Today

Setlist Wishlist: The National & Neko Case

Shockingly, this will be the first show I've been to since Thom Yorke at the end of 2009. I'll blame a lack of good shows and money for that. And really, at this point I've seen almost every band I've really wanted to see at least once. So it takes a lot for me to get excited about a show.

Anywho, I saw The National back in 09, but I didn't make a wishlist for that show. So here goes..

  • Available (I've heard this one, but now I love the song even more)
  • Conversation 16
  • Afraid of Everyone
  • Runaway
  • Sorrow
  • Baby We'll Be Fine (heard this one too, but it's one of my favorites)

And songs I know I won't hear (a girl can hope):

  • Karen
  • 90 Mile Water Wall (there would be some serious freaking out if they played this)
  • Slipping Husband

Then there's Neko Case. I've never seen her live, so my wishlist is long.

  • Maybe Sparrow
  • That Teenage Feeling
  • The Needle Has Landed
  • Runnin' Out of Fools
  • Things That Scare Me
  • Pretty Girls
  • Deep Red Bells
  • This Tornado Loves You
  • Magpie to the Morning
  • Vengeance is Sleeping
  • I'm an Animal
  • Whip the Blankets
  • Twist the Knife

Should be a fun night.

Best of the Decade: Concerts

To get this best of the decade party started, here's a list of some of my favorite shows. I have crazy amounts of crap from the early part of the decade, when I went to the most shows. Although most of it is stored away, if possible, I've tried to include "memorabilia" from the shows.

In chronological order...

Austin Music Hall...Austin, TX...January 25, 2000

Second show of the decade for me, this was the first show of Beck's tour for Midnite Vultures. This show is mostly memorable because it's where I met one of my best friends who was with me at almost every other show on this list, and many many others that aren't.


Death Cab for Cutie

Emo's...Austin, TX...February 13, 2001

First time seeing Death Cab, so that was super exciting at the time. Even though it was in February, it was crazy hot during the show. The band looked like they were going to pass out, but they still put on a great show.



The New Pornographers 
La Zona Rosa...Austin, TX...March 2001 (SXSW)

First time at SXSW, had heard and liked one New Pornographers song, which was enough to get me to the showcase they were performing at. The schedule at SXSW is super tight, you get 30 mins and that's it. The band was pushing their time but Neko Case begged to do one last song, which happened to be with Ray Davies (who was the keynote speaker that year). They performed the Kinks' "Starstruck", which had never been performed live before. Shame I'd never heard the song.

The setlist is Mass Romantic minus "Jackie", omitted because Dan Bejar wasn't there.


John Vanderslice
Emo's...Austin, TX...September 5, 2001

First show I was ever on the guest list for, this was the first of many many JV shows. Found out later that this was his first tour, which makes it even more special. Also, it's probably the only time I ever heard "Everything Changed", one of my favorite JV songs.



The Faint
Emo's...Austin, TX...June 24, 2001

Interrupted my oh-so-exciting summer vacation to visit Austin for this show. Awesome awesome show, lots of fun and dancing. Turned my aforementioned friend into a Faint fan. This was the beginning of really feeling at home in Austin.


John Vanderslice
Stubbs...Austin, TX...February 24, 2002

Second time seeing JV. Britt Daniel opened, JV was awesome and before and after the show we ended up chatting with him and his band.



Death Cab for Cutie & The Dismemberment Plan
(Death & Dismemberment Tour)

Emo's...Austin, TX...March 5, 2002

One of my most anticipated shows, it lived up to the expectations. It was one of those perfect shows with 2 bands I really liked on the bill. It was the first time I saw The Dismemberment Plan. Sadly, I only got to see them one more time before they broke up.

Death Cab's Setlist:



Austin City Limits Taping...Austin, TX...December 3, 2002

Even though this was a taping, the band played a normal set and were really on fire that night. Somewhere I have a crappy tape of the show when it aired (ahh, the days before YouTube). I can be seen in a few of the crowd shots. 



The Good Life

The Glass House...Pomona, CA...October 28, 2007

Hollywood Bowl...Hollywood...August 24, 2008

Emm Gryner
Hotel Cafe...Hollywood...November 18, 2008

Tomorrow....favorite tunes!

Concert: Thom Yorke

Last night I saw Thom Yorke and his new nameless band. It was one of those times that it's good to live in the LA area. I would have taken pictures but frankly, I'm lazy. When Thom came out, he got a standing ovation which was cool, and well deserved. They played The Eraser in its entirety and some various new tracks. The whole band was into it, particularly Thom and Flea (who isn't used to playing quality music as of late), There was lots of dancing and percussiony goodness, which made "Skip Divided" awesome, and the highlight of the night for me. I also enjoyed "And It Rained All Night", "Paperbag Writer" (a Radiohead B-side I've never heard because I suck), and "Open The Floodgates".


The Eraser
The Clock
Black Swan
Skip Divided
Atoms For Peace
And It Rained All Night
Harrowdown Hill
Cymbal Rush
Lotus Flower/Moon Upon A Stick
Open The Floodgates
Super Collider
Paperbag Writer
Judge, Jury & Executioner
The Hollow Earth

Concert: Sondre Lerche

Opting to drive down to San Diego rather than go to LA is always a good move, particularly for smaller shows like this because the crowds are so much more pleasant and not full of themselves. Plus you have the excuse to go to Denny's at 2 am!

So, the show was really good and Sondre Lerche was very entertaining and chatty with the crowd. It was a pretty simple show, just him and his guitars (electric and acoustic). He played mostly songs from the new album which all sounded great and some older stuff, mainly from Faces Down.

Setlist (not in order):

Good Luck
If Only
Heartbeat Radio
I Guess It's Gonna Rain Today
Words & Music
Like Lazenby
Easy To Persuade
My Hands Are Shaking
She's Fantastic
Two Way Monologue
Dead Passengers
Sleep On Needles
No One's Gonna Come
Modern Nature
The Word Girl

And for those playing along at home, he played 4 of the songs from my wishlist, including the 2 I most wanted to hear, She's Fantastic and Sleep on Needles. Was really hoping to hear Phantom Punch as well though.

Setlist Wishlist: Sondre Lerche

Seeing Sondre Lerche tonight. I haven't seen him since his first album was out way back in 2003, so there's lots of songs I've never heard that I'd like to. The new album is growing on me and I'm really interested to hear what some of the songs sound like stripped down.

  • Sleep On Needles
  • No One's Gonna Come
  • Track You Down
  • Two Way Monologue
  • Counter Spark
  • The Curse of Being in Love
  • She's Fantastic
  • Airport Taxi Reception
  • Phantom Punch
  • After All
  • Let My Love Open the Door

Concert: The National

A little surprised that this is my first show of the year. But it's also the first of three over the next couple months. Everytime I venture into LA, I'm reminded why I don't very often. Particularly for shows, LA crowds are crappy. Although the crowd last night wasn't particularly bad (by LA standards). The National are very very good. They're definitely one of those bands who rock more live than on record, which makes seeing them live even better. They played 3 new songs which were all really good and a whole lot of stuff from Boxer. I think I have a new appreciation for "Squalor Victoria" and "Abel" after hearing them last night. I got to hear "All The Wine" and my other favorites from Alligator, with the exception of "Karen", which is apparently one of those songs they've never really played that much live. It was funny to see Matt Beringer get progressively more drunk as the show went on. At one point he got tangled up with the mic stand and the cord and fell over and almost rolled into the guitar player. It was an entertaining show on all fronts. Hopefully I'll be able to see them again after the album comes out.


Start a War
Mistaken for Strangers
Secret Meeting
Baby We'll Be Fine
Slow Show
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
Squalor Victoria
All the Wine
Apartment Story
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Fake Empire

Green Gloves
Mr November
About Today

Concert: Emm Gryner

Last night I finally got to see Emm Gryner live and it was fantastic. I enjoyed the new songs and of course the old songs were great. The Hotel Cafe was nice, although I can do without the too-cool LA crowd. I hope that she plays here more often now.

Oh, and Emm is really tiny. She walked past me before her set and I was just like "woah". She was shorter than I expected.


Almighty Love
Blackwinged Bird
Running Back (a capella)
89 Days of Alcatraz
and 4 new songs

Vintage Emm:

New Emm:

The End of The List

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big Emm Gryner fan, and through 10 years of fandom, I've never had the opportunity to see her live. She's the last artist on my (nonexistant) list of artists I have to see live, now that I've seen Radiohead. Well, next week, I am FINALLY going to get to see Emm Gryner live. I knew living in socal would pay off eventually. When I saw the show announcement, my brain shut down for 20 minutes easily. The news was very unexpected since she's not really touring right now. But i'm definitely excited. I have no idea what to expect, I have no frame of reference for what songs she might play. My dream setlist would look something like this....

Half Sorry
Queen of the Boys
Phonecall 45
The Good You Make
Your Sort of Human Being
Case of Tornados
This Mad

For What Reason
Running Back
Straight to You
Dearg Doom

Concert: Black Keys

Saw the Black Keys for the second time last night at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Apparently I forgot to recap the show back in April March. (edit: apparently my recap consisted of the following sentence- "Saw the Black Keys last week. good show, but too short. I'm liking the new album."). So this will be a comparison piece. This show was smaller than the first one, and not as good in almost every way possible. The sound was awful. easily the worst sounding venue I've ever been to and it's a freaking House of Blues. It was way too bass heavy, on most songs you could barely hear the guitar, which sounded really muffled when you could hear it and you could barely make out anything Dan was saying. So that really tainted the whole show. The crowd was ok, probably 50% actual Black Keys fans and 50% people who just happened to be at Downtown Disney at that time. After going to a show in Hollywood followed by a show in Orange County, I think the best crowds are in the black hole area where I live. More actual fans who appreciate having shows in the area. The only thing redeeming about the show was that they played some songs from the new album. At the first show (which was right after before the album came out) they didn't play any new songs. Here's some of the songs they played...

Have Love Will Travel
Set You Free
10 am Automatic
Stack Shot Billy
Girl is on My Mind
When the Lights Go Out
Just Couldn't Tie Me Down
Your Touch
Just Got To Be
I Got Mine
Strange Times
Psychotic Girl
Same Old Thing

Concert: Radiohead!

I FINALLY got to see Radiohead and it was awesome. Hands down the best band of the last 2 decades (at least). Started out in the 6th row (although waaaaay off to the side) and ended up switching with some other people to move up to the 4th row (still way to the side). Security was pretty loose so I was able to bring my camera in. Since this is probably the only time I'll ever get to see Radiohead live, I figured I should do it right. The setlist was great, although as a Bends lover, I would've liked to hear a couple more Bends songs, as well as "Bangers and Mash". Damn you Vancouver! Thom wasn't too talkative, other than when he forgot the words to "Street Spirit". The whole band looked like they were enjoying themselves. The crowd was pretty good. although there were plenty of too-cool-for-words LA types which is to be expected. I missed my first celebrity sighting (Ellen Degeneres) because I wasn't paying attention.

My major score of the night was getting the setlist. The guitar tech was nice enough to throw it to me and I managed to catch it and not look like a fool.

Tonight is the Black Keys and while they're good live, nothing compares to Radiohead.

Concert: The Good Life

Last night I finally got to see The Good Life. They were nice enough to play at my "local" venue and not just LA. Got there early enough to get a really good to the side but on a platform so I could see everything. I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of the crowd since this is Tim Kasher's side project, but there were almost as many people there as when I saw Cursive last year. Anyway, I completely ignored the first band as they had a female singer and I don't do female singers in rock bands. The second act was better, more country though.

The Good Life was really really good. They played a great set with almost all the songs I wanted to hear. They started off with "Lovers Need Lawyers" so I was definitely happy with that. And they ended the encore with a badass version of  "Notes in his Pockets", which was the #1 song I wanted to hear. And Tim made fun of people dressing up for Halloween. Good times. Got the setlist (see below) and left with a nice concert high. Which is probably why I feel like ass right now- concert

I love the new album, I definitely like it more than the last one, although I think the best songs from Album of the Year are better than the best songs from Help Wanted Nights. I may change my mind on that though.

Time to lay on the couch and die....


Long Overdue SLC Recap

A couple weeks ago I went up to Salt Lake to visit a friend and to see John Vanderslice play in Provo and SLC. I wish I'd taken more pictures, but I generally suck at remembering to take pictures....


Arrived in Mormon country, drove down to Provo (hardcore Mormon country), hit thrift store #1, grabbed some food and proceeded to the venue. Had to wait in line awhile because the doors were pushed back cause the opening band was late getting in and needed food. In the meantime, there were plenty of LA-area douchebags around to remind me of home, further reminding me why i don't go to JV's LA shows and opt to go to San Diego instead. Finally get in, find a good seat with a nice view of the stage, good for taking pictures.....if I hadn't left my camera in the car (strike 1). The venue was pretty cool, reminded me of a smaller Mercury (aka the Parish) in Austin. JV was great as always....played a similar set to the San Diego show, including...

White Dove
Time To Go
Tablespoon of Codeine
Numbered Lithograph
Dear Sarah Shu
Trance Manual
Exodus Damage
The Tower
Up Above the Sea
Pale Horse
Underneath the Leaves

and for the "encore" Keep the Dream Alive unplugged in the crowd.

After almost everyone had left, JV took to the streets outside the venue and played You Were My Fiji by request since the band didn't know it. Yet another opportunity for pictures (strike 2).....THEN he went down the street to a gelato place and played Nikki Oh Nikki. I think the employees were really confused as to what was going on, but JV brought them business. He still had to buy is own gelato though. Oh...and yeah, another chance for pictures (strike 3, I suck).

On the way back to SLC, we picked up some Krispy Kreme doughnuts (which are hard to come by out there)...yummy


More thrift stores....picked up a polo, sweater, 2 belts, and a chain for the bear charm i got the last time I was in town. Jason's Deli for lunch...mmm......COME TO CALIFORNIA. I miss that place. I had greek food for the first time....yummy stuff. Then it was off to the venue for the show. This time I got in free as part of JV's merch crew. Hung out a bit before the show chatting with JV and selling stuff. After the show started I went to try to take some pictures. I had a shit angle, so this was the best i could do....

Another great show....basically identical setlist to the night before, except he played They Won't Let Me Run instead of some other song, and did Keep The Dream Alive and Nikki Oh Nikki as the in crowd "encore". I really wanted to hear The Parade again cause that's one of my favorites from the new album.

Handled the post show merch rush pretty well. Got a tote bag for myself. After, JV and Daniel Hart went to record a Daytrotter session, so I watched that from afar. I'll post a link when it's available.

From the merch table...


Went to the ghetto mall or the San Antonio mall as my friend likes to call it. It was actually really cool. it reminded me of the way malls were when I was younger and didn't despise them. Back before it was all Gap, Aberchrombie, Victoria's Secret and all the other bs. When the food courts were all random places instead of fast food chains. Had some yummy chinese food for cheap. SLC is pretty lousy on sunday because hardly anything is open. Went to Costco and got a churro and drove around for awhile before going to the airport.

It was lots of fun, especially seeing JV 2 nights in a row. reminds me of old times.

Concert: John Vanderslice

From my rough estimation, I've seen JV 6 or 7 times since 2001, but the last time I saw him was 2003 which I regret now since his shows are always good.

I chose to go to the San Diego show instead of the LA show because it was on my day off and I think I like san diego crowds better. Of course the downside is the 2 hour drive each way. The show was at the Casbah, which reminded me a lot of Emos....same type of atmosphere, good crowds, etc. I'm sure if I lived in the area, I'd go there a lot, but of course I don't, so I suck.

Here's some of the songs he played:

Up Above the Sea
Underneath the Leaves
Keep the Dream Alive
Time Travel is Lonely
Letter to the East Coast (guest singer)
Trance Manual
Exodus Damage
Dear Sarah Shu
White Plains
Nikki Oh Nikki
Do You Remember?
My Old Flame

The JV/ Dave on drums combo was cool, nice to hear the songs a bit stripped down, wish he played "Radiant With Terror" though. someone asked if he was going to play "Speed Lab" (from his 1st album) and he said that they didn't know it, I found that funny because from the first time I saw JV, there's always been a song someone requests that they don't know.

Definitely looking forward to the new album in July and seeing him again in the fall.