Book It!

Already ahead of the game on my reading list which will give me some extra time to tackle Infinite Jest. I'm gonna need it.

Just Read:

Moneyball- Michael Lewis

Baseball is one of my least favorite sports, but I have no problems reading about it (at some point I'll read The Art of Fielding again). The section that talked about Bill James and the start of sabremetrics went on a big too long for me but other than that, the book was very engaging, especially considering how much of it is about stats.

Do the Work- Steven Pressfield

I picked this book a couple years back and just never read it, so I'd completely forgotten what it was about. It was a nice short read. It wasn't completely relevant to me since it's geared towards writers and people in artistic fields. But all the stuff about resistance was great.

Double Dexter- Jeff Lindsay

Since I read the last Dexter book, I probably watched 3 seasons of the show. It did strike me that the books are darker than the show (which isn't really surprising). And Rita is 200% more annoying. This was one of the stronger of the series, so I am looking forward to reading the lastest book and finally being caught up.

Currently Reading:

Infinite Jest- David Foster Wallace

Up Next (probably):

Infinite Jest is going to keep me busy for awhile...