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Concert: St. Vincent

Great show last night. The guitar work was amazing as I expected it would be. The highlights for me were Rattlesnake (awesome opener), Regret, Huey Newton (the second half of that song is made for live shows), Krokodil, Your Lips are Red (she made it so much more metal). The crowd went crazy anytime there was a guitar solo which was cool. Then they all left before the encore which was not cool and really weird. 

Setlist (in order):

Digital Witness
Birth in Reverse
Laughing WIth a Mouth of Blood
I Prefer Your Love
Every Tear Disappears
Prince Johnny
Year of the Tiger
Huey Newton
Bring Me Your Loves
Northern Lights
Strange Mercy
Your Lips are Red

Setlist Wishlist: St. Vincent

First show of the year. This will also be the first time seeing St. Vincent since I became a fan. I saw her open for John Vanderslice back when her first album was out, but that barely counts. Oh and the show with David Byrne doesn't really count either.

  • Chloe in the Afternoon
  • Dilettante
  • The Bed
  • Actor Out of Work
  • Surgeon
  • Now, Now
  • Save Me From What I Want
  • Paris is Burning
  • Rattlesnake
  • Severed Crossed Fingers

Book It!

Already ahead of the game on my reading list which will give me some extra time to tackle Infinite Jest. I'm gonna need it.

Just Read:

Moneyball- Michael Lewis

Baseball is one of my least favorite sports, but I have no problems reading about it (at some point I'll read The Art of Fielding again). The section that talked about Bill James and the start of sabremetrics went on a big too long for me but other than that, the book was very engaging, especially considering how much of it is about stats.

Do the Work- Steven Pressfield

I picked this book a couple years back and just never read it, so I'd completely forgotten what it was about. It was a nice short read. It wasn't completely relevant to me since it's geared towards writers and people in artistic fields. But all the stuff about resistance was great.

Double Dexter- Jeff Lindsay

Since I read the last Dexter book, I probably watched 3 seasons of the show. It did strike me that the books are darker than the show (which isn't really surprising). And Rita is 200% more annoying. This was one of the stronger of the series, so I am looking forward to reading the lastest book and finally being caught up.

Currently Reading:

Infinite Jest- David Foster Wallace

Up Next (probably):

Infinite Jest is going to keep me busy for awhile...