Book It!

Back in the saddle...

Just Read:

The Virgin Suicides- Jeffrey Eugenides (reread)

I haven't read this book in about a decade and I've been meaning to read it again for sometime now. I'd forgotten just how well written it is and even though I still remembered the story, it still drew me in and made me feel so sad for everyone.

Phantom- Jo Nesbo
Police- Jo Nesbo

I'm glad I read these back to back because they seem to be part of a series within a series (like The Redbreast, Nemesis and The Devil's Star). The books were both very strong and I think the serial elements are really getting stronger as the series progresses. On top of all the character's growth which is always captured very well.

Currently Reading:

Double Dexter- Jeff Lindsay

Up Next (probably):

Do the Work- Steven Pressfield