Book It!

Reading has been slow going lately, so I took a month off so I'd have more stuff to talk about. But I am on the last Glass Key book now and planning a big recap for after I finish.

Just Read:

The Fault in Our Stars- John Green
The author did a very good job capturing the subject matter and keeping everything from getting too sad or depressing. I'll be interested to see how the movie turns out. I think if done well, it could be really great.

The Redbreast- Jo Nesbo
Playing catch up with the Harry Hole series. I've intentionally read them out of order, so going back and reading the earlier books is filling in some gaps for me. I think the series does a great job of making it so you don't feel like you've missed anything if you haven't read the earlier books. There's always references to the previous cases but they're usually pretty subtle. This particular book kept me guessing about what was going on the whole time. and every guess was wrong. This book was different from the others in the series with the flashbacks, which were similar to Johan Theorin's books I read recently.

The Absent One- Jussi Adler-Olsen
This book reminded me of a plot from a SVU episode...a better constructed and thought out one of course. Elements of it also reminded me of Missing, which I read earlier this year.This is definitely one of my favorite series. I really enjoy the cold case stuff and the main character is very believeable and well written.

Currently Reading:

A Conspiracy of Faith- Jussi Adler-Olsen

Up Next (probably):

The Redeemer- Jo Nesbo