Book It!

Been super busy this month moving, vacationing, working and of course reading. Excuse the delay!

I have one Glass Key book left to read, so I'll be using my extra time to catch up on the Harry Hole series before the next book comes out.

Just Read:

The Darkest Room- Johan Theorin
The second of a very loose series, I actually liked the ties to Echoes from the Dead. But this story had a much different feeling to that book with more references to ghosts and the dead. Again, I enjoyed the time jumping in this one as well, although it served a different purpose in this book.

The Silver Star- Jeannette Walls
Enjoyed this book, although the end was a little lazy to me. It was a really quick read- I finished it in 2 days. I think it could have been longer since there were parts that weren't really expanded on too much. But it was an interesting coming of age-type story.

Echoes from the Dead- Johan Theorin
I like these types of cold case mysteries. I also liked the time jumping between modern day and the years leading up to the crime. I think the author did a good job of not making it obvious what happened and who the killer was. Throughout I felt like it could go so many ways.

Big Brother- Lionel Shriver
I liked this book most of the way, until you got to the "twist", which to me just made everything else I'd read irrelevant. There were some good parts touching on the psychology of obesity and others reactions to it, which was interesting. But overall it was just an okay book.

Currently Reading:

The Fault in Our Stars- John Green

Up Next (probably):

The Redbreast- Jo Nesbo