Book It!

I'm reading 5 different Scandanavian crime series right now. It is amazing I can keep them all straight.

Just Read:

Silence of the Grave- Arnaldur Indriðason
I liked that the book really drew out the mystery and left you guessing as to who the dead person was. There was a lot of sadness in this book, which is the first time I've really seen that in a crime novel. Looking forward to continuing the series.

Death in a Cold Climate: A Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction- Barry Forshaw
Perfect book for my particular reading interests. I liked how it was divided up by country so you could get a feel for the differences between each one. Of course it's really added to my reading list. My one complaint is that it's pretty spoiler heavy, so I had to skip large sections if I hadn't read the book. Eventually I'll go back and read those sections. But it's definitely gives a nice background and context to Scandanavian crime novels.

Top of the Rock: The Rise and Fall of Must See TV- Warren Littlefield
This book was very similar to I Want My MTV, which I loved as an oral history of the network. There were actually a fair number of similarities between NBC in the late 90s and the music industry and the huge numbers they were doing and how everything has collapsed since then, mostly because of their own actions. I really enjoyed reading how the different shows came together, even though I didn't really watch them except for the random Friends or Will & Grace episodes.

The Bat- Jo Nesbo
This is the first Harry Hole book and the 5th one I've read. It's interesting to read the first one knowing some of the things that are going to happen to Harry down the road. I also found it very interesting that the series starts with Harry far away from home working on a case. You're really left to wonder what his position is in the Norwegian police and what his life is like back home. How much of his actions are really what he's like or is he just reacting to the situation? I definitely think I'll have to read the 3 other books I have before the next one comes out in Oct.

Currently Reading:

Big Brother- Lionel Shriver

Up Next (probably):

Echoes From the Dead- Johan Theorin