December 2012 Archives

Best of 2012: Albums

This was a stinker of a year musically. There were some albums that I really enjoyed but definitely not enough of them. Plus, albums that I was looking forward to turned out to be disappointing (I'm looking at you, Beach House). So here's my pathetic list of albums I actually really liked this year.

5. Kimbra- Vows
Favorite songs: Settle Down, Plain Gold Ring

4. David Byrne & St. Vincent- Love This Giant
Favorite songs: Who, The One Who Broke Your Heart

3. Twin Shadow- Confess
Favorite songs: Run My Heart, The One

2. Divine Fits- A Thing Called Divine Fits
Favorite songs: Baby Get Worse, Shivers

1. Sharon Van Etten- Tramp
Favorite songs: Give Out, Leonard

Dishonorable mention:

2012: seriously, it was that bad of a year.

2011 album that should've made last year's list:

Raphael Saadiq- Stone Rollin'

Looking forward to in 2013:

Atoms for Peace, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Neko Case

Best of 2012: Books

I met my goal of reading 35 books this year...barely. The job thing kind of slowed me down towards the end of the year. My goal for next year will definitely be less ambitious.

Here are my 5 favorite books I read this year. I only read a few books released in 2012, so not enough for a separate list like I did last year. I highly recommend the top 2.

  1. Ready Player One- Ernest Cline (I read and listened to the audiobook that's how much I loved it)
  2. I Want My MTV- Craig Marks
  3. The Keeper of Lost Causes- Jussi Adler-Olsen
  4. We Need to Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver
  5. The Help- Kathryn Sockett

WIP Wednesday

Remember how I was going to spend November making all the stuff for Christmas? I failed. I failed so hard. I made one ornament and got about halfway through making a wreath. I did buy a new tree and decorate my house and I even made Christmas cookies. Other than that, everything has been a total mess.

I'm learning that I really need to change my expectations of what I can do these days.

Book It!

I feel like I just posted my monthly book update. Time is flying these days. I'll have a end of year book list in a couple weeks.

Just Read:

The Marriage Pact- MJ Pullen
After The Prince of Tides, I needed an easy chick-lit read which this delivered. I liked that part of it was set in Austin, but other than that it was a pretty average book.

The Prince of Tides- Pat Conroy
So glad to finally finish this one. I thought it was too long and while the story was good, the length really killed the momentum in the story at times for me. Kind of like Daniel Deronda. My book club also watched the movie, what a casting disaster that was.

Currently Reading:

The End of Boys- Peter Brown Hoffmeister

Up Next (probably):

When the Devil Holds the Candle- Karin Fossum

Friday Five

Going to a 70s themed Christmas Party tonight, so here are 5 of my favorite albums from the 70s (sticking to one album per artist)
  1. What's Going On- Marvin Gaye
  2. Diamond Dogs- David Bowie
  3. The Cars- The Cars
  4. Regatta de Blanc- The Police
  5. The Clash- The Clash