November 2012 Archives

Book It!

Slow this month, I'm really going to have to push to meet my Goodreads goal by the end of the year.

Just Read:

He Who Fears the Wolf- Karin Fossum
I like that this series seems to focus more on the cases than the detective who is investigating. This book had a strange combination of characters who were at the center of the story and in the end it wasn't really important who the murderer was.

Currently Reading:

The Prince of Tides- Pat Conroy (I'm so close to being done)

Up Next (Probably):

The Red House- Mark Haddon

WIP Wednesday

I've decided that November is Christmas crafting month for me. Since I'm finally in a new place, I'm going to do a job with the decorations (which includes a new tree).

What I'll be making:

Felt ornaments
Sequin trees

There may be some other things but I'm still figuring everything out. And also unpacking.