Book It!

First book club went well, although I think I read the book too far in advance so I couldn't remember certain details. Just getting into the next book. I've also set a goal for 2013 to read all the Glass Key award-winning books (the ones that are available in English anyway). I've already read 3, and already planned to read 2 more, so I figure I may as well do a job.

Just Read:

The Weird Sisters- Eleanor Brown
I didn't really care for how the narration was done where it was almost like there was a 4th sister even though there wasn't. I also don't think that the author explored the sister relationship well enough. Each sister was a well developed character and you could see the simlarities between them but the development of the sister relationship was lacking.

The Keeper of Lost Causes- Jussi Adler Olsen
First in another Scandanavian crime novel series for me. I really enjoyed this one, it's different from the other series I've been reading since it's cold cases rather than current crimes. I also liked the you got the victim's perspective instead of just the detective.

Currently Reading:

He Who Fears the Wolf- Karin Fossum

Up Next (probably):

The Prince of Tides- Pat Conroy