Book It!

Now that things have calmed down, I've been able to find more time to read. I also joined a book club, first meeting is next week. And then I've found more books to buy. I may need to take time off work to read!

Just Read:

One Last Thing Before I Go- Jonathan Tropper
Very excited for this book and while I did enjoy it, it definitely wasn't my favorite of Jonathan Tropper's books. I didn't connect with the main character as much as I normally do with his books.

Last Will- Bryn Greenwood
First book club book. For some reason, aspects of it reminded me of The Help, even though they're really nothing alike, so that was a bit weird. The characters were interesting and had a lot of depth to them which I wasn't really expecting when I started reading.

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn
This book's main character reminded me of the one from The Almost Moon, except that she was much better written as a seriously flawed, not-necessarily-likeable person. Plus the underlying mystery made this book more interesting.

Currently Reading:

The Keeper of Lost Causes- Jussi Adler-Olsen

Up Next (probably):

The Weird Sisters- Eleanor Brown