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Concert: Sondre Lerche

I was lucky enough to finally have a concert to go to on my birthday. Even better was that it didn't involve driving to either San Diego or LA. It was a great show, lots of entertaing banter and talk about "Arrested Development Land". The set list was interesting, definitely leaned more towards the his first 2 albums rather than his most recent 2. Heard some songs I hadn't heard before which is always fun.

Setlist (not in order):

Dead Passengers
You Know So Well
Modern Nature
Sleep on Needles
Virtue and Wine
Track You Down
Two Way Monologue
On the Tower
Counter Spark
My Hands Are Shaking
Hell No
Airport Taxi Reception
Phantom Punch (yay!)
John, Let Me Go
After All
Boxing Day

Friday Five

Going to see Sondre Lerche tonight, so here's my 5 favorite Lerche albums (in relative order)

  1. Phantom Punch
  2. Faces Down
  3. Two Way Monologue
  4. Heartbeat Radio
  5. Duper Sessions

Book It!

Now that things have calmed down, I've been able to find more time to read. I also joined a book club, first meeting is next week. And then I've found more books to buy. I may need to take time off work to read!

Just Read:

One Last Thing Before I Go- Jonathan Tropper
Very excited for this book and while I did enjoy it, it definitely wasn't my favorite of Jonathan Tropper's books. I didn't connect with the main character as much as I normally do with his books.

Last Will- Bryn Greenwood
First book club book. For some reason, aspects of it reminded me of The Help, even though they're really nothing alike, so that was a bit weird. The characters were interesting and had a lot of depth to them which I wasn't really expecting when I started reading.

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn
This book's main character reminded me of the one from The Almost Moon, except that she was much better written as a seriously flawed, not-necessarily-likeable person. Plus the underlying mystery made this book more interesting.

Currently Reading:

The Keeper of Lost Causes- Jussi Adler-Olsen

Up Next (probably):

The Weird Sisters- Eleanor Brown

Friday Five

A Very Special Friday Five...Top 5 favorite Howard Jones songs
  1. No One is to Blame
  2. Like to Get to Know You Well
  3. New Song
  4. Things Can Only Get Better
  5. What is Love?

WIP Wednesday

Made some progress in my craft room. Mostly unpacking stuff and putting it on the floor! You can see the shelves that will be going into the closet for storage. There's other furniture in place that you can't see from the photo.


Next week: less stuff on the floor!