Book It!

My reading has almost completely stopped in the last month between the Olympics and moving to a new place. I did join a book club, so now I'll have one book a month that I'll have to read.

Just Read:

Broken Harbor- Tana French
A book I was definitely looking forward to. It's not my favorite of the series (I have to go with either In the Woods or The Likeness), but I thought it was better than Faithful Place.

Don't Look Back- Karin Fossum
Continuing to read (and enjoy) foreign crime novels. I'm interested to see where the main character goes as the series goes on. Whenever I get around to reading the next books.

Redshirts- John Scalzi (audiobook narrated by Wil Wheaton)
I read this book based on a recommendation. I enjoyed it, although I wasn't a huge fan of the codas at the end. I'm expecting to watch Star Trek in a whole different way after reading this though.

Currently Reading:

Sharp Objects- Gillian Flynn

Up Next (probably):

One Last Thing Before I Go- Jonathan Tropper