Book It!

Going through one of those periods where I want to read every book. I'm adding more books to my to-read list than I'm actually getting through at this point.

Just Read:

Little Children- Tom Perrotta
I liked but didn't love this book, I felt there was something lacking throughout. The ending did help a bit though. I'm surprised this is supposed to be his best book.

Pygmy- Chuck Palahnuik
I listened to the audiobook, which I think made a huge difference. I tried to read part of the actual book, and I could see why some people had a hard time with it. The narrator really did a great job of capturing the book and the fact that it's actually supposed to be funny, which I think you could easily miss by trying to read it. It's definitely a better book than Tell-All or Damned.

One Day- David Nicholls
I enjoyed this book, I thought the author did a good job of capturing the aimlessness of post-college life and transitioning to a "normal" adult life.

Currently Reading:

Dance Dance Dance- Haruki Murakami

Up Next (probably):

Gone Girl- Gillian Flynn