Book It!

Now I've tackled the bear that is Daniel Deronda, I have a backlog of library books to get through. Apparently it's my mission to read every book I can get my hands on that sounds remotely interesting.

Just Read:

Ready Player One- Ernest Cline
I loved this book. It hooked me pretty early on, no doubt because my love of the 80s. Although the majority of the references went over my head since my nerd cred is practically non-existant. I can definitely appreciate the encyclopedic knowledge of all things pop culture that the characters had.

American Psycho- Bret Easton Ellis
Oddly enough, I found this book tedious and boring. The graphic parts were pretty graphic, which I expected, but the in-between parts got more and more tedious to me as the book went along.

Daniel Deronda- George Eliot
I enjoyed the overall story and the depth of the characters, but this was a really tough book for me to get through. It got really long-winded at certain points. I think I would've enjoyed it even more if it were 100-200 pages shorter.

Currently Reading:

We Need To Talk About Kevin- Lionel Shriver

Up Next (probably):

The Sense of an Ending- Julian Barnes