WIP Wednesday: Cheesecake Edition

Note: I was supposed to post this Wednesday (obviously) but I'm having a week of complete stupidity and forgot to. So glad this week is over.

My contribution to Thanksgiving this year is pumpkin cheesecake (I don't like pie). I first made it a couple of years ago and almost burned my house down* in the process thanks to a dripping springform pan. Despite that, it turned out pretty tasty.

Here's the main ingredient for the crust. Non-homemade gingersnaps are the devil. You will break teeth trying to eat them. Luckily I was just beating them to a bloody pulp.


I had a picture of the crust, but frankly the crust didn't meet with my OCD level approval so I'm hiding it and hoping it tastes better than it looks.

Here's the cheesecake ready for the oven. I didn't have a flat frosting spatula thingie so it's not as smooth as it could be. That bothered me greatly.


And here's the finished product before I put it in the fridge to sit until tomorrow. Annoyed about the cracks, I didn't have any the first time. Have I mentioned that baking brings out the perfectionist in me? Note the drip stopping foil. I got smart this time.


*not really, but the place did fill up with smoke

Happy Thanksgiving!