Book It!

With all the books I'm reading right now, I've decided to do a monthly book update. I'll keep things spoiler free.

Just read:

The Likeness- Tana French
Loved this book, going back and forth in my head as to whether I liked it more or less than In The Woods. Was definitely one of those books that sticks with you even after you finish it.
The Visible Man- Chuck Klosterman
As someone who has studied psychology, parts of this book drove me nuts. Like yelling at the book nuts. And yet that didn't take away from enjoying it.
The Marriage Plot- Jeffery Eugenides
Been looking forward to this book for months. I enjoyed it but I think I'll have to read it again to fully appreciate it.
Are We Not New Wave?- Theo Cateforis
Recommended if you're a fan of late 70s/early 80s music.
Headhunters- Jo Nesbo
If you liked Stieg Larsson's books, you'll probably enjoy this.
Damned- Chuck Palanhuik
Enjoyed this one. Thought it was better than Tell-All.

Currently reading:

Faithful Place- Tana French

Up next (probably):

Cloud Atlas- David Mitchell

1Q84- Haruki Murakami