WIP Wednesday: Halloweenie Edition

Finishing up on the contest piece this week. It's too far along to show any pictures of, since I'm keeping it a surprise. I also finally started working on my swap piece over the weekend, or at least the pattern anyway. Hopefully I'll be stitching it up by the weekend and will have something to show next week.

Mostly, I've been obsessing about yarn. I went to 3 Michaels and Jo-ann's yesterday to look at yarn. At least I think that's why I went, I really just felt the need to go. There's some nice alpaca yarn that is speaking to me very loudly. But since I haven't done anything with the yarn I already bought (I'm waiting until I finish my swap piece) and I'm a raging cheapskate (I think it was like $4 a ball), the yarn stayed at the store.