Welcome to the New Site!

It’s finally here! After months of pretending to be a designer, the new and improved site is out in the wild. I’m so glad it’s finished, the old site was starting to look uglier and uglier the more I worked on the redesign.

Basically, the whole idea was to give the site a brand new look that was more minimalist and functional. I eliminated the clutter and updated just about everything else. As a bonus, it gave me the opportunity to work on my CSS and HTML skills. I read books and everything!

Here’s some fancy bullet points about what’s new and exciting:

Looking forward, my plan is to include more posts about things that aren't stitch or music related. I’m thinking fun posts about moving, decorating a new place, DIY projects, maybe even cooking. I have tons of ideas that are just waiting to be put to use once my life sorts itself out.

I probably broke 50 things after making the site live, so excuse me while I frantically fix them.