Friday Five

It's over! After too many months (6) and too many episodes, we made to the end of 90210. It was only half of the series all except for the first 2 seasons, but holy hell it was long. It's going to be a very very long time before I'll be able to watch again (if ever). I'd never seen the finale before, and I was suprised at how few of the old cast they brought back. I get that the show had seriously fallen off in popularity by the time it ended, but it was a big time show in its prime. I think if a show like that ended today, the finale would be all about bringing people back.

5 Ridiculous Things About the Finale

  1. How fast the wedding came together: Matt and Kelly were planning their wedding for longer than Donna and David were even engaged. No way in hell you pull a big wedding together that quickly. I think the audience is supposed to believe they used all the stuff Matt and Kelly had arranged, but the details were all different.
  2. The bachelor/bachelorette parties: Why would any parents be there? Even better question, why in the hell would your HIGH SCHOOL PRINICPAL be there? Give me a break.
  3. Brandon's absence: Total cop out.
  4. Kelly and Dylan thinking they belong together: They spent more time pining for each other than they did actually being together. And when they were together, they spent most of their time fighting. Soulmates right there.
  5. The end: Really? That's how it ends? Other than the group celebration at the very end, it was no different than a season finale. A little anticlimactic for a show that was all about drama.