Concert: The National & Neko Case

First up, a correction- The last show I saw was Grizzly Bear and Beach House, which was a few weeks after the Thom Yorke show. I forgot about that show because I was sick and almost didn't go.

The view from our seats:
Hollywood Bowl

Apparently The National is a wine and cheese event. Did not get that memo. So much wine. Shame they didn't play "All the Wine", would've been perfect. I'll spare you from my griping about the people there cause, screw them, it's about the music.

Neko Case was awesome as I expected and pretty amusing with her banter, which I didn't really expect. I got to hear 4 of the songs from my wishlist, including 2 of my favorites ("That Teenage Feeling" and "Maybe Sparrow") at the very beginning. She didn't play anything from before Fox Confessor, but it wasn't a full set. She played a few new songs which were pretty good. Here's hoping for a new album next year.

Setlist (approximate order):

That Teenage Feeling
Maybe Sparrow
Margaret vs. Pauline
New Song
Magpie to the Morning
New Song
Song I Didn't Know
Vengeance is Sleeping
Hold On, Hold On
Don't Forget Me
Star Witness

The National are freaking amazing. When Matt started singing "Runaway", I was just amazed at how fantastic his voice sounded. Not that any of this is a surprise to me, since I've seen them before, but I think at this show I was more dialed in compared to the last one. They played 5 of the 6 songs from my wishlist with a "Cardinal Song" teaser at the end of "Avaliable" (god, I love that song). Not to mention that St. Vincent (!!!) played with them on "Afraid of Everyone", "Sorrow", "Thirsty" (yay old songs!), and "Terrible Love".


Anyone's Ghost
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Slow Show
Squalor Victoria
Afraid of Everyone
Conversation 16
Available/Cardinal Song
Fake Empire
Think You Can Wait
Mr. November
Terrible Love
About Today