Birthday Contest!

It’s my birthday, and this just happens to be my 200th post, so I’m having a contest! Last year I gave away a mystery stitch to a great home. This year, I’m doing things a bit differently...

The prize:

One custom cross stitch made by me just for you. Basically, I’ll ask you a bunch of random questions, and use that info to design something especially for you.

How to play:

All you have to do is guess the time I was born (12:03 am, for example). Whoever is closest without going over (Bob Barker style) wins. If anyone guesses the exact time, I’ll throw in a bonus prize!

To enter, comment on this entry with your guess. Each person gets 1 guess. Don’t forget the AM/PM! Here’s a hint, I wasn’t born in the midnight or noon hours.

The contest ends on Sept 26th. I’ll announce the winner the next day.

If you have any questions, problems, or want to send me gifts, email me:  ponyinarope at

Good luck!