WIP Wednesday: 4 Letter Word Edition

My swap piece is driving me nuts right now. Not because I don't like how it's turning out but because 28 count fabric can go to hell. I don't know what I did to it in a past life, but it does not like me. In the vision I had for the piece, it was on 22 count, because I knew that it was going to be a lot of stitches and I stitch faster on 22 than 28. Well, I ended up with 28 so it would look better once it's framed. Maybe that's the problem, the 28 count knows it was the second choice. I should probably stop giving inanimate objects thoughts and feelings.

Also, some of the problems I've been having are due to my inability to count. So there's that too.

I feel bad for complaining about the piece cause I know the issues I'm having are my fault. So far it hasn't been smooth sailing with my stitching. But what I've gotten done so far looks pretty good, it's just been a real labor of love so far.