Stitch Story: Unfocused

After I did the uninspired piece, I had the idea to do a series of words that all start with the "un-" prefix. I started working on the pattern for the second word but just couldn't find the right border or layout that worked for what I wanted to do. So I scrapped that word and had the idea to stitch "unfocused" instead, since it happens to be pretty relevant at the moment. The pattern came together pretty easily but when it came to choosing colors, that's when I had the real "a-ha!" moment.

Quick heads up, this might hurt your eyeballs.


My original idea for the color scheme was inspired by 3D comic books (red, black, and blue). Then I wondered if there was a way to give the pattern a 3D effect (for the record, I generally think 3D is pretty stupid). Did some research and figured out that what I wanted to create was an anaglyph image. Then I broke out my crazy Photoshop skillz (I found a tutorial), and created the 3D image from the original pattern.

This one really will hurt your eyeballs (unless you're wearing 3D glasses)....


Then I used the Photoshop image as a guide to edit the original pattern in PC Stitch. The pattern is originally from the Antique Pattern Library. To get the 3D effect ideally, you have to use pure red and pure cyan. The red was no problem (I used 666) but the cyan was a bit tougher. None of the DMC colors match up to a pure cyan. 3846 is the closest but you really need something a shade or two lighter. Even so, with 3D glasses you still get the intended effect, so I'm happy about that.

Overall, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Luckily when stitching you generally focus on a small area so the blurriness of the pattern didn't bother me. I did sometimes have a hard time looking at it from a distance though.