Friday Five

Season 9 of 90210 done! Only one to go! Hooray! Sad to say that I think this season might have actually improved as it went along. The beginning of the season was so painful it made me rethink this whole stupid thing. Brandon got the most pathetic sendoff ever. Even Valerie's sendoff was better. I was actually a little sad when she left (don't judge).

Season 9 storylines I would've liked to have seen:

  1. Dylan comes back with Brenda: Imagine all the storylines that creates: Dylan-Brenda-Kelly triangle, Brenda's reaction to Brandon & Kelly's relationship, etc.
  2. Valerie stays, Dylan comes back, and they get together: This prevents Dylan and Gina from getting together which is fantastic because holy hell they are annoying together. Bonus, Kelly would hate it.
  3. Brandon and Kelly get married: I assume this didn't happen cause they knew Brandon was leaving, but it really would've eliminated a bunch of stupid fights and poor sad Kelly moments if they had.
  4. Gina doesn't exist: I get that she's the Valerie replacement, but does she really have to be the most annoying character on the show? Valerie may have been a bitch, but I didn't want to punch her every time she was on screen.
  5. Gina steals Noah from Donna: Just because the Noah/Donna relationship is a snoozefest and this would allow Donna and David to get back together quicker.