Friday Five

Ranking the Police albums

1. Regatta de Blanc: Even after listening to all the albums, Regatta de Blanc is still my favorite. This is mainly because 2 of my top 3 favorite Police songs are on this album ("Does Everyone Stare" and "The Bed's Too Big Without You").

2. Synchronicity: Before this, I didn't quite understand why people loved this album so much. I get it now. There are some excellent songs on it. How come no one talks about how creepy "Tea in the Sahara" is?* I'd rather have Mr. Every Breath You Take Stalker watching me than being left in the middle of the desert TO DIE. Just saying.

3. Outlandos d'Amour: Overall, what I like best about this album is the raw quality to it. However, that's also its biggest downside. The songwriting (and production) improves so much after this. The band is not quite at their peak yet, but off to a great start.

4. Zenyatta Mondatta: I had the hardest time with this album, even though it's one of the ones I've listened to the most. I just couldn't get into it. I like all the songs but, compared to the other albums, there aren't as many really great songs.

5. Ghost in the Machine: Once my least favorite, always my least favorite. Now I've spent more time with it, I don't hate it anymore, but it's still the weakest of the 5 albums. They're clearly experimenting with a different sound and it's hit or miss here. On Synchronicity they get it right.

Side note: What do I have to do to get a copy of Regatta de Blanc on vinyl? I need to make this happen. Also, my copy of Synchronicity was one of my best finds, it's in good condition and only cost me 19 cents.

*Because it's not 1983, that's why