WIP Wednesday: The Return Edition

...And we're back! I've been pretty productive lately, particularly in the last week, so let's recap.

My creativity decided to return from its vacation so I've been working on patterns like crazy. Normally I work on one pattern at a time, finish it, stitch it and then move on to the next thing. Since I've been having inspiration issues recently, I decided to work on only patterns for awhile and try to stockpile some before actually stitching anything. I finished 3 patterns and am still working on 2, plus some other ideas I still have brewing in my head. Not to mention the upcoming Phat Quarter swap.

But, I could only work on patterns for so long before I just had to stitch something, so I stitched this bad boy up.

Not what I planned

Basically, in life as in craft, things don't end up like you thought they would. See also, milestone birthday approaching.

Here's my current wip. I can't show much because it'll ruin the awesomeness, but I've actually done a lot more work on it.


In Real Life Land, I had a job scare last week. That's what I'm calling it now cause I must make light of my unemployment and lack of prospects in order to cope. And in my neverending quest to pretend to be a normal functioning adult, I met up with giddygirlie for lunch after my interview. I think I managed to only be slightly socially awkward, which is much better than I expected. It was nice to be able to meet a fellow crafter.

I've also been working on the new site like crazy. Obviously I missed the June 30th "deadline", which I completely expected. After getting stuck on the design (again), I reworked some things and am really happy with how things are turning out. I have no idea when it'll all be done, but my goal is to have it up by September, in time for the birthday contest I'm planning.