Friday Five

Getting so close to the end! I can't wait for Dylan to come back.

Season 8's style don'ts

  1. Kelly's short haircut: I think it's the reason Brandon slept with Emma.
  2. Donna's boob gap: Not new but I think it earned recurring character status this season. Its work in the season finale was top notch. And by top notch I mean horrifying.
  3. Valerie's highlights: Wisely they didn't last very long. Not everyone is supposed to be blonde/blondish.
  4. Noah's brooding eyebrows: The key to his "acting". Otherwise you'd never know what he was feeling.
  5. Anything designed by Donna: No way an upscale store would want to sell her stuff. Talk about bor-ring. Kelly's wedding dress was the only decent thing she made.