Friday Five

After a long vacation delay, I finally finished season 7 of 90210. Definitely the worst season yet, although I suspect I'll be saying this for every season until the end. Here are the storylines that annoyed me most this season (in no particular order).

  1. Donna has a stalker: Who would want to stalk Donna? No one, that's who. Also, did the writers completely forget that the guy who tried to rape her actually did rape multiple people? He should've still been in jail.
  2. The Kelly-Brandon-Tracy triangle: First things first, Brandon treated Tracy like crap. I blame Keats for that. Second, Sad Kelly is annoying as hell. She chose "herself" rather than Brandon or Dylan and then wonders why she's alone. You made your bed, stupid, sleep in it alone.
  3. David is manic depressive (for a week): The only problem I had with this storyline is that Kelly THE FREAKING PSYCH MAJOR didn't see what was going on with David. As a former psych major, I take offense to this.
  4. Valerie has an affair with a married guy: Maybe it wasn't a giant cliche in 1997 but you'd have to be stupid not to see that it wasn't going to end well. Plus Kenny was a total smarmy loser.
  5. Nat and Joan have a kid: This storyline carried over from the previous season, but it still needs to be said: Joan is too old to have a freaking kid. What was the point of this storyline anyway? They couldn't have just let them get married and have that be the end of it? More proof it was pointless, Joan and the baby were never seen the rest of the season, and only occasionally mentioned.