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Friday Five

After a long vacation delay, I finally finished season 7 of 90210. Definitely the worst season yet, although I suspect I'll be saying this for every season until the end. Here are the storylines that annoyed me most this season (in no particular order).

  1. Donna has a stalker: Who would want to stalk Donna? No one, that's who. Also, did the writers completely forget that the guy who tried to rape her actually did rape multiple people? He should've still been in jail.
  2. The Kelly-Brandon-Tracy triangle: First things first, Brandon treated Tracy like crap. I blame Keats for that. Second, Sad Kelly is annoying as hell. She chose "herself" rather than Brandon or Dylan and then wonders why she's alone. You made your bed, stupid, sleep in it alone.
  3. David is manic depressive (for a week): The only problem I had with this storyline is that Kelly THE FREAKING PSYCH MAJOR didn't see what was going on with David. As a former psych major, I take offense to this.
  4. Valerie has an affair with a married guy: Maybe it wasn't a giant cliche in 1997 but you'd have to be stupid not to see that it wasn't going to end well. Plus Kenny was a total smarmy loser.
  5. Nat and Joan have a kid: This storyline carried over from the previous season, but it still needs to be said: Joan is too old to have a freaking kid. What was the point of this storyline anyway? They couldn't have just let them get married and have that be the end of it? More proof it was pointless, Joan and the baby were never seen the rest of the season, and only occasionally mentioned.

WIP Wednesday: Mini Hiatus Edition

Since I'm not working on anything right now, I'm going to take a bit of a break on the Wednesday posts. Sad, I know. As soon as my creativity decides to return from its vacation, I'll be rolling again.

Friday Five

Finally watched all the Oscar movies, so here's how they stacked up for me.

  1. Inception
  2. True Grit
  3. Black Swan
  4. The King's Speech
  5. Winter's Bone
  6. 127 Hours
  7. The Fighter
  8. Toy Story 3
  9. The Social Network
  10. The Kids are Alright (there had to be a more deserving best picture nominee than this)
They were all great movies (with the exception of The Kids are Alright). Black Swan, True Grit and Inception are really interchangeable for the top 3 spots.

WIP Wednesday: No More Bears Edition


Woodgrain Bear

I have to admit, there are a bunch of mistakes in this one, more mistakes than I've made in a long time. I don't know what it was about the bear that made me forget how to count. So in that sense, it's not my best work, but I love how he came out and I can't wait to find an awesome frame for him (once I have a place to hang him of course).

If you want to stitch your own woodgrain bear, or something equally as awesome, check out flamgirlant's etsy shop

So now I've got nothing else to stitch at the moment. I have a few concept ideas but I haven't quite figured out the design part of the equation yet. My creative inspiration right now is pretty low, which is part of the reason I've been so focused on the site redesign. However, I've hit a bit of a wall with that as well. So now i'm rethinking some things while still putting off working on the graphical elements. The month is half over, so there's now about a 15% chance the site's done by the end of the month.

WIP Wednesday: Beary Slow Edition

Back in the Southern California Wasteland again. I was an unpacking ninja and had everything put away and back to normal in less than 30 minutes. Made it much easier to readjust after being gone over a month. I wanted to make sure I didn't use the long drive as an excuse to be lazy once I got home, so I've made sure to stay busy. And not just by catching up on 90210 (there's over 60 episodes on the DVR). Mainly, I've been working on the site redesign. I'm thinking there's a 36% chance it's done by the end of the month. I've been putting off working on the graphical elements because that's definitely not my strong suit. Luckily for me, there's tons of other stuff that needs to be done.

I've also finally gotten back to working on the woodgrain bear. I feel stupid for taking so long to start working on it again. The mistake I made was 1 stitch and not a big deal at all. My goal is for him to be finished by next week.


Yesterday I received my book swap piece. I mentioned to my partner *ennairam that Jane Austen was my favorite author and she embroidered this great quote from Pride and Prejudice for me.

PQ Book Swap

Friday Five

5 flavors of ice cream I had while on bacation.

  1. White chocolate raspberry truffle
  2. Monster cookie (peanut butter ice cream with oatmeal cookie bits and MMs)
  3. Krazy kookie dough (cake batter ice cream with sugar cookie dough)
  4. Southern blackberry cobbler
  5. Huckleberry heaven
My favorite was the blackberry cobbler. Now back to my ice cream sabbatical.

WIP Wednesday: Travel Edition

On the road back to California today. Once I get back I plan to finish the woodgrain bear (finally) and hopefully start working on at least 1 new pattern. Not to mention working on the new site. About a 50-50 chance it's done by the end of June at this point.

Usually on long car trips I try to have something to stitch but since I'm between projects right now (the bear is too prone to mistakes for car stitching), I'll be working on my spool knitting if I get bored. It's now about 6 feet long, so it's getting a bit unruly. But since I do it because it's relaxing, it doesn't really matter.