WIP Wednesday: Research Edition

It's been a month since I stitched anything which makes me wonder what I've been doing in that time. Other than watching 90210. Now I'm doing some research for my piece for the book swap. Real research, not like when I watched Monster's Inc. before the movie swap. My goal is to have my idea nailed down by the end of the week and spend next week on the pattern and the week after that stitching. Unlike the last couple of swaps, I don't have a feeling for what type of piece I want to do. I blame my stitchy break for that. It's a little weird being away from home and having to do all the work for the swap in a completely different environment. I only brought a couple of pattern books with me, so I won't be able to obsessively flip through my stash for inspiration.

I have worked on the new site a bit, but I think it'll be impossible for me to get everything done by the end of the month, since I'll be in Texas the whole time. So I'll be shooting for the end of June instead.