Friday Five

Finished season 6 of 90210. It's definitely starting to go downhill. Yet, I'm still determined to get through the whole show. Why that is, I don't know, insanity most likely. But I like the idea of having a top 5 list for every season. Since there were so many new characters this season I thought that it was only fitting to rank them.

Season 6 New Character Power Rankings!

  1. Colin "Pretentious Art" Robbins: He turned Kelly into a crackhead, got into a high speed chase, failed to turn himself in on time and basically caused problems for everyone directly or indirectly the entire season. Plus we had to look at his crappy paintings. Winner, winner.
  2. Antonia "Noxzema" Marchette: She wasn't annoying, her storyline wasn't ridiculous and her death caused one of the main characters to leave the show.
  3. Susan "Hypocrite" Keats: Brandon has awful taste in girlfriends. Susan was the one time he showed some good judgement and then she screws him over. It's all downhill from here for poor stupid Brandon's love life.
  4. Jonathan "Poor Man's Young Ben Affleck" Casten: He was only in 5 episodes, but he wasn't likable in any of them and managed to torture Brandon and annoy Susan. That's making the most of a small role.
  5. Joe "Bad Heart QB" Bradley: I don't buy him as a QB and he didn't have much in the way of personality. But he's the best boyfriend Donna has on the show, so that has to count for something.

Random "Hey It's That Actor/Actress!" Moment:
Carla from Mad Men as a receptionist on the Queen Mary.