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Friday Five

Currently road tripping out to Texas. So here's 5 other places I've been on road trips to.

  1. Mobile, Alabama
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Seattle
  4. San Francisco
  5. Salt Lake City

WIP Wednesday: Short & Sweet Edition

Finally I'm starting to get my act together and start being more productive. Made some solid progress on the new site. Mainly working on the layout of all the pages and whatnot. No design stuff yet so it's ugly as hell.

Going back home for an extended visit and I hope to get back on the cross stitch train soon. I really have to stop screwing around and finish my bear.

Friday Five

Finished season 6 of 90210. It's definitely starting to go downhill. Yet, I'm still determined to get through the whole show. Why that is, I don't know, insanity most likely. But I like the idea of having a top 5 list for every season. Since there were so many new characters this season I thought that it was only fitting to rank them.

Season 6 New Character Power Rankings!

  1. Colin "Pretentious Art" Robbins: He turned Kelly into a crackhead, got into a high speed chase, failed to turn himself in on time and basically caused problems for everyone directly or indirectly the entire season. Plus we had to look at his crappy paintings. Winner, winner.
  2. Antonia "Noxzema" Marchette: She wasn't annoying, her storyline wasn't ridiculous and her death caused one of the main characters to leave the show.
  3. Susan "Hypocrite" Keats: Brandon has awful taste in girlfriends. Susan was the one time he showed some good judgement and then she screws him over. It's all downhill from here for poor stupid Brandon's love life.
  4. Jonathan "Poor Man's Young Ben Affleck" Casten: He was only in 5 episodes, but he wasn't likable in any of them and managed to torture Brandon and annoy Susan. That's making the most of a small role.
  5. Joe "Bad Heart QB" Bradley: I don't buy him as a QB and he didn't have much in the way of personality. But he's the best boyfriend Donna has on the show, so that has to count for something.

Random "Hey It's That Actor/Actress!" Moment:
Carla from Mad Men as a receptionist on the Queen Mary.

WIP Wednesday: Failbot Edition Part 2

Ugh. Still accomplishing nothing. I think I'm in a bit of a funk right now. Luckily I have a "spring break" trip coming up soon. Nothing like a trip to get refocused and motivated again. It's also getting to be swap time again (the theme is books), so I'll be working on something new soon. I have been doing some brainstorming for that at least.

WIP Wednesday: Failbot Edition

Last week was a total failure. I barely accomplished anything after last Tuesday. Then I made the mistake of trying to work on my bear while watching the Masters on Sunday and managed to screw something up. Now I can't bring myself to go back and look at it and figure out where I went wrong. I know it's not a big mistake and it's also not the first (or second) one I've made. Needless to say, the bear isn't finished like I was aiming for. My goal was to start fresh this week and really try to get things done but I haven't gotten off to a very good start with that. I have been working on more design and graphic ideas for the site makeover, it's just slow going because I'm incredibly picky when doing anything in Photoshop or Illustrator. My goal is to have everything done by the end of May.

Friday Five

I don't eat a lot of chocolate (she types as she eats Hershey's kisses), cause it's not really my favorite of sweet things. But when I do, I prefer...

  1. Cookies and cream (white chocolate with cookie bits)
  2. Chocolate with caramel
  3. Chocolate with toffee
  4. White chocolate
  5. Chocolate with raspberry

Least favorite: dark chocolate

WIP Wednesday: Bearly There Edition

And the pun filled titles keep coming!

I was hoping to have Mr. Bear done by today, but I've been distracted thinking about the changes I'm going to make to the site. I'm still in the early planning stages, which is the most exciting part for me. Next week though, there will be a completed bear. Then I don't know what I'm gonna do cause I'm out of patterns!


Friday Fools Five

This weeks list is open to interpretation:

  1. ants
  2. pepperoni
  3. rockets
  4. igloo
  5. limes