Friday Five

Been watching a lot of 90210 lately. Some of it I've seen before, most of it I haven't. Just finished season 5, the first one with Valerie, and quite possibly where the show starts its downward slide. So here are the 5 most ridiculous storylines from season 5.

  1. Kelly gets burned in a fire and now has scars. Except that she doesn't. They couldn't even be bothered to do a half-assed makeup job a few episodes after the fire. And yet we're supposed to feel sorry for poor scarred Kelly.
  2. Andrea has an affair. Andrea was perfectly happy in her marriage and then all of a sudden she isn't. Must be all that ambition Jesse has. What a bastard. You never see Andrea and Jesse fight until after he finds out about the affair.
  3. Ray cheats on Donna with Valerie. I get Ray cheating on Donna since she won't give it up, but I don't buy that he would cheat on her with someone she knows and is "friends" with. Also, Ray is an abusive bastard and yet he can't handle Valerie and her manipulative BS?
  4. Steve gets off vitually unpunished from the house fire. I know, rich kids' parents get them out of everything, but between the people who were hurt in the fire, the fact that they basically broke into the house to have the party, there should have been A LOT more charges for Steve (and Griffin) to get out of.
  5. Dylan works on a screenplay with some guy he met at rehab. So stupid. I guess that if Dylan wasn't spiralling out of control the writers had no reason to write a good storyline for him.