WIP Wednesday: Epic Edition

Whipped this baby up in the last week. I've decided when I have my craft room, I'm going to decorate it with all handmade stuff. Hopefully it won't be 90% stuff I made myself. I'd like some variety. But this is going to be included for sure.

Be Epic!

Phrase is from an autographed Kobe Bryant jersey given to Michael Vick. I thought it would be a cool and easy thing to stitch up.

For an actual WIP, I'm finally starting to embroider. My general reluctance to embroider is due to my crafty perfectionist nature. With cross stitch, it's much easier to undo and redo stitches until they look right without screwing up the whole thing. But I'm giving it a go because my latest idea has to be embroidered rather than cross stitched.


This isn't related to the real embroidery I'll be doing, I'm just messing around and trying to get a feel for the whole embroidery thing. Apparently I have issues with the letter A. Also, I'm not a fan of the pointy needles. It's only a matter of time before I stab myself. I just hope I get my finger and not my eye.