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Friday Five

Oscars are on Sunday and we've watched (almost) half of the Best Picture nominees. Here's how'd I'd rank them so far.

  1. Inception
  2. Toy Story 3
  3. The Social Network
  4. The Kids Are All Right
  5. Winter's Bone (this is the one we haven't seen yet)

WIP Wednesday: Bordering on Insanity Edition

Have 2 things to show this week, which makes it seem like I've been more productive than I really have been. I've been spending my time listening to music and watching 90210.

I stitched a new word on my embroidery before I had to take it out of the frame to start my other project.


My real wip, this is going to be the next in the lyric series. I realized it's been over a year since I've done anything with a border, so I thought I'd change it up. I'm not 100% on the design, so I'm hoping once it's stitched up I'll change my mind.


Also thinking about making some changes to the site. I'm getting bored.

Friday Five

5 things I did last Friday instead of posting something

  1. Watched the Lakers beat the Knicks.
  2. Played Stacking.
  3. Watched Beverly Hills 90210 (which is becoming a daily thing, sadly).
  4. Worked on a new stitch.
  5. Forgot it was Friday.

WIP Wednesday: Epic Edition

Whipped this baby up in the last week. I've decided when I have my craft room, I'm going to decorate it with all handmade stuff. Hopefully it won't be 90% stuff I made myself. I'd like some variety. But this is going to be included for sure.

Be Epic!

Phrase is from an autographed Kobe Bryant jersey given to Michael Vick. I thought it would be a cool and easy thing to stitch up.

For an actual WIP, I'm finally starting to embroider. My general reluctance to embroider is due to my crafty perfectionist nature. With cross stitch, it's much easier to undo and redo stitches until they look right without screwing up the whole thing. But I'm giving it a go because my latest idea has to be embroidered rather than cross stitched.


This isn't related to the real embroidery I'll be doing, I'm just messing around and trying to get a feel for the whole embroidery thing. Apparently I have issues with the letter A. Also, I'm not a fan of the pointy needles. It's only a matter of time before I stab myself. I just hope I get my finger and not my eye.

WIP Wednesday: Squared Edition

Finally, this bad boy is finished and I can stop using "square" in my entry titles.

Eventually it's going in a frame, just like all the other things I make for myself. So, in about a year, it might be framed. I'm fairly happy with it. I do think it would've looked cooler on a gray fabric, but there's no way I'll stitch it again. Oh well.

I've kind of changed plans for what my next project will be. In the meantime, I'm going to stitch something pretty quick and simple. I was planning to start early today, but that didn't happen. So I've so no picture to show at the moment.

Friday Five

For the past few years, the bf I have made a point of watching all the movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars. For this year's group we've only watched 2 so far, so it's too early for a list. So here are my 5 favorites from last year.

  1. District 9
  2. Inglorious Basterds
  3. The Hurt Locker
  4. Up
  5. Up in the Air

Lyric Series #5

The theme for the latest Phat Quarter swap was music, which is probably the best and most troubling theme ever since there are so many different ways you can go. Because of that, I used half of my 3 week stitch time just deciding what to do. Then it took me another 3-4 days to create the pattern, leaving me with less than a week to get the piece stitched and in the mail. It took long days of stitching to get it done but it gave me some purpose for a week, which is something you definitely lose when unemployed, so that was nice.

Anyway, here's the piece:

Lyric #5- Neko Case

The lyric is from the Neko Case song, "That Teenage Feeling". The idea was to create something that looks like a teenage girl's doodles, using bright colors (my partner's favorites) and random doodle-y elements. When I doodle, I always draw arrows for some reason, so I included those.

I drew the original design by hand, then converted it into an Illustrator image (using my lousy Illustrator skills) and then imported into PC Stitch. That's why it took so long to make the pattern.

Overall, I'm happy with the way it turned out. I also got out of my 5x5 frame rut. This one's in an 8x8!

WIP Wednesday: Almost There Edition

With my swap piece all finished and mailed off, it's back to working on this bad boy...


Then I think I'm going to do another music stitch. Choosing something for the swap gave me a few new ideas.