WIP Wednesday: Holiday Edition

Since they've started to arrive, I'll finally share my Christmas cards. My original idea was to do stitchy ones but after the whole moving/losing my craft room thing I decided it wasn't the best idea because I would've had to buy supplies that I really don't have the space for. So I made some stamped ones instead. The idea was to keep them pretty basic and modern. The hardest part was finding modern "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" stamps for the insides. I made 2-3 of each card design and there were some color variations to make them unique.

Card 1- Trees
This was a stamp my mom already had that I liked (and then stole). Just colored the trees in. Simple. Basic. BSTL.

xmas card: trees

Card 2- Ho-man
Used scraps of ho ho ho paper, and circle punches to create the "ho-man" cause I thought it would be funny. Super easy.

xmas card: ho-man

Card 3- Modern Tree
This stamp was originally an easter one I found on clearance. I removed the happy easter bit, leaving just the tree and colored the ornaments with Christmas colors instead. Upgrade!

xmas card: tree

Card 4- Loose Seal
Another one of my mom's stamps (that I didn't steal, but should have). Not only is he cute, but I turned him into an Arrested Development card. On the inside I wrote, "Beware of loose seals this holiday." Then I had to make sure to send them to people who might actually get the reference.

xmas card: seal

Here's the sentiments from the inside of the cards.

xmas cards: inside sentiments

I had fun making my cards this year, so I'll definitely do it again next year. I don't send that many cards, so I always have extra if a buy a box of cards. This way I only have to make the number I need and I can get creative with it. DIY or die!

Also, no stitchy pics because I'm experiencing some raging laziness right now. I blame the rain.