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Black Friday Five

My super exciting Black Friday shopping included taking advantage of Joann's sale on floss plus 20% off coupon. In honor of that, my favorite DMC colors.

  1. 816- garnet
  2. 3842- dark wedgewood
  3. 3847- dark teal green
  4. 666- bright christmas red (number of the beast!)
  5. 310- black (can't go wrong)

WIP Wednesday: Late Edition

Making progress...


Friday Five

New weekly site thingie cause there's no reason I can't update this bad boy more than once a week. And I enjoy making lists of things.

This week, some idiots at People magazine decided that Ryan Reynolds is the sexiest man alive. Once I convinced the Boycrab that he did, in fact, know who Ryan Reynolds was ("He should go back to the pizza place"), we took a look at the sexy dudes he beat out and came up with our own unofficial list.

In no particular order, other than #1.

  1. Jon Hamm: our consensus pick for sexiest man. How he wasn't the pick is beyond me.
  2. Justin Timberlake
  3. Jake Gyllenhaal
  4. Matt Damon
  5. Matt Berninger (from The National). People is too stupid to know who this is

Coming soon...Moomin Mondays!

WIP Wednesday: Square Edition

Feeling much much better than I was last week, with help from many stitchy peeps (thanks again!). Started on something new, a pretty traditional looking pattern that I'm using more modern colors on. Now that I've started on it, I wish I'd done it on a dark gray fabric rather than white. Maybe I'll do it again in the future.


I'm also thinking about doing a bunch of small Christmas/Winter stitches in December. Since I'm not decorating, it doesn't matter if things are done by a certain time. And I've been wanting to make more ornaments for my tree. Figure this is a good opportunity for that. Just have to find some patterns.

The Card Cheat

Finally got around to taking pictures of some of the cards I made while I was in Texas. I was trying to keep them pretty simple/minimalist and ended up using a lot of my mom's scraps and trying to get a feel for the whole card making process.

I did make some Christmas cards but I'll save those for later.
My first card:
Hello card

Hello card

Hello card

Hello card

Hello card

Hello card

WIP Wednesday: Struggle Edition

Yet again, I have nothing. It's been about 2 weeks since I've even come close to stitching anything.

When I still had a job, all I wanted to do was be home so I could stitch. Even before I was fired and work was super stressful and annoying, I was still able to get inspired. I thought that being unemployed would give me the opportunity to spend the majority of my time stitching, which would help me get through all the bs going on around me. I've been unemployed 3 months now and I've barely stitched anything. I am completely uninspired and unable to come up with any new ideas. It's not uncommon for me to have stitcher's block, but this is worse because I feel like I can't think anymore. I started calling it mental constipation because that's really what it feels like. I'm extremely frustrated because at this point I've already lost my job and my home and now I feel like I'm losing my hobby too.

While I was in Texas, I did buy a pattern that I'll be starting on this week, so I'll at least be stitching something. But pattern making is a big part of why I like stitching so much, so it really sucks not to be able to do it.

WIP Wednesday: Sicko Edition

Yeah, I got nothin. I've been sick and enjoying daily 2+ hour naps. I'm still working on the idea for my swap piece. I have finished 2 books though, so there's that.

I plan to be back in the game next week.