WIP Wednesday: Homeland Edition

First full day of my trip home, I have tons of crafty things planned including hitting up the used bookstores for new cross stitch books (always a priority) and going to a cross stitch store and hoping my brain doesn't explode like it did the last time.

As far as making stuff. I'm planning to make my Christmas cards, moving/new address cards (for when I actually have my own place again), and cards to include in swaps. All in a week. I will be running on Taco Cabana and sweet tea.

I started a new stitch for the plane ride. And there's supposed to be a picture here but I can't use the interwebs on my laptop. I can't live like this.

My plan was to create a pattern that incorporates 3 random words and work on that during my trip. But the combination of the words (crooked, bake and cryptic) and my slow pattern making pretty much killed that. I have a general idea of what I want to do though. I'm mildly excited about it.

I also tried and failed to finish my nsfw stitch before I left. It's very close though so I should be able to show that off after I get back.