WIP Wednesday: Airport Taxi Reception Editon

Last day in Texas. It has been completely relaxing and nice. I think I might have gone overboard with the cross stitch books though. 

What I'm bringing home:

3 books
12 leaflets (!!!)
2 patterns
6" Q-snap
4 new things of fancy floss

Sad thing is, I thought I was showing some restraint.

Here's my progress on my plane stitch. I didn't work on it at all while in Texas, so it looks the same this week as it did last week. 


I plan to try and get at least one picture of myself stitching on the plane or in the airport.

As I planned, I took advantage of my mom's cardmaking supplies and made my Christmas cards and some basic cards. I made 17 cards in all. I also came up with a different idea for my new address cards so they've been put on hold for the time being. I'll post some card pictures in the next few days.