Stitch Story: Ode to Shaun

This is the piece I made for the movie swap over at the Phat Quarter. One of the things I like best about making things for other people is trying to incorporate the things they like into what you make. One of my partner's favorite movies is Shaun of the Dead and her favorite color is red. I've been wanting to stitch something with a lot of components to it and since I don't generally do a lot of monochromatic things, I thought I'd change it up.

Ode to Shaun

The pattern is adapted from an 1826 Danish sampler pattern that I bought on a trip home last year. I chose to focus on Shaun as a character rather than the whole movie. I rearranged and added new parts to it to include references to bats (which I had to convince myself weren't corn dogs), his shirt and tie, flowers, hearts (it was a love story after all), zombies, and crowns since he was the "fucking king of the zombies".

Closer view of the can see that the ties are actually striped.


I had fun stitching this up and I think it turned out awesome. I was a bit sad I had to send it to its new home.

Also, I think I have a serious addiction to 5x5 frames. This is the 5th one I've used...and my lefties stitch is going in one once I move.