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WIP Wednesday: Homeless Hiatus Edition

Since I'm jobless, I'm forced to move out of my home of 3 1/2 years, which really sucks a big one. So I'm in the midst of packing up and moving to my new temporary home, which means no stitching for a little while as life kicks me in the ass. Once I get settled, I'm planning to start my embroidery project, my NSFW stitch, and finally finish the pony.

I've already packed all my important stitchy stuff up and damn, I had more than I thought I did, especially fabric. Don't know what I expected, I did have an entire drawer devoted to just fabric.

Still hoping to have the birthday giveaway in about a month.

Also, apparently my last post was #100. Who knew!

Stitch Story: Ode to Shaun

This is the piece I made for the movie swap over at the Phat Quarter. One of the things I like best about making things for other people is trying to incorporate the things they like into what you make. One of my partner's favorite movies is Shaun of the Dead and her favorite color is red. I've been wanting to stitch something with a lot of components to it and since I don't generally do a lot of monochromatic things, I thought I'd change it up.

Ode to Shaun

The pattern is adapted from an 1826 Danish sampler pattern that I bought on a trip home last year. I chose to focus on Shaun as a character rather than the whole movie. I rearranged and added new parts to it to include references to bats (which I had to convince myself weren't corn dogs), his shirt and tie, flowers, hearts (it was a love story after all), zombies, and crowns since he was the "fucking king of the zombies".

Closer view of the can see that the ties are actually striped.


I had fun stitching this up and I think it turned out awesome. I was a bit sad I had to send it to its new home.

Also, I think I have a serious addiction to 5x5 frames. This is the 5th one I've used...and my lefties stitch is going in one once I move.

WIP Wednesday: Unemployed Edition

So last week both my bf and I were fired from our jobs in a spectacularly unprofessional and malicious fashion. At this point I'm going back and forth between anger and depression. Mainly anger. Lots of anger.

But I have been working on my swap piece and I'm really happy with the way it's turning out. Stitching has helped me relax somewhat through all of this. On the bright side, I'll have a lot more time to stitch now!

No swap pictures until it arrives in its new home. Maybe next week.

Lyric Series #4

I had the idea to do this stitch over a year ago but struggled to come up with an idea for the pattern (what else is new). While I was in Seattle I picked up some new pattern books and was inspired....

Lyric #4- Hole

I took the original pattern and changed the girls to give them more of a 60s feel- inspired by Mad Men. The green dresses are an ode to Joan. The blue/pink I took from the cover of the Doll Parts single. I left the shoes as is and imagine them being Doc Martens as a reference to the 90s. Overall, I wanted them to be doll-like but not in the obvious blonde/Barbie/Betty Draper type of way.

Note that the one with the scissors is left handed. Haven't decided who or what she's cutting.

I chose the song because I enjoy changing the lyrics...

I am...doll parts...big boobs...small heart

Update!: you can buy this pattern in my Etsy store!

WIP Wednesday: Forgetful Edition

I spent Fri-Mon working on my swap pattern and didn't touch any of my other projects. I did stitch some last night, but I won't bore anyone with yet another in progress picture of that stitch. Let's just say there's more girls than there were last week. In the meantime, this is the mayhem a wip creates...the horror!

Open for Business

Seriously thinking of having a birthday stitch giveaway next month.

WIP Wednesday: Crankypants Edition

Work is pretty much kicking my ass these days, which is really screwing with my productivity. Not cool, work. Not. Cool. But I did finally start on my (little) pony over the weekend. Not sure if I like how it's turning out so far. The back of it is really messy which is bugging me, because I really like the back of my work to be as neat as possible. It's probably about halfway done though so I'll finish it and hope for the best.

Here's my progress on my other stitch, fairly slow going..


I'll have to put it on hold while I work on my swap piece. Have to admit, I'm not 100% sure of what I'm going to do yet. I have 2 semi-formed ideas that I'm trying to figure out. Definitely feeling like a slacker at the moment. Although I did watch Monster's Inc last night for "research".