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WIP Wednesday: Bookmark

No in progress shots this week, but here's the finished product from last week...a bookmark I stitched up for Mother's Day, with my mom's initials. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and even though I was in a rush to finish it, it was fun to do. It arrived today and my mom loved it, as she is contractually obligated to.


Messy WIP Wednesday

Sorry no WIP Wednesday last week. My site was down while it moved to greener pastures.

So this week I've started yet another project because I am freaking insane. I'm not built for multiple projects, particulary time-sensitive ones. Anyway, below is my super messy desk including my newest stitch, a Mother's day bookmark. Because it took me too long to finish the pattern, I won't have time to finish it and get it to my mom before Sunday, so I fail. It'll be late but pretty!