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WIP Wednesday

To keep with the updates, I'm going to (try to) post pictures of my ongoing projects once a week.

This week, it's the 3rd in the "series" I'm working on for a friend. It'll make sense once they're all done.

wip wednesday

Also, after 3 months, I FINALLY finished The Tipping Point. It was really bugging me that it was taking so long for me to finish when I could easily read a book that size in a couple days. So I really made a point to find time to finish it. Which basically meant reading on the way to work. I enjoyed the book, although I think Outliers was better.

Now I'm about halfway through Juliet, Naked (which is twice as long as The Tipping Point) after a couple of days. So far it's really good.

No Really, I am!

It may not seem like it but I have been keeping busy with new stitcheries. When I'm not watching Can't Hardly Wait on tv, that is. I'm actually working on 2 projects and about to start making a pattern for a third.

Finished today...


Part of a set for a friend.

My other WIP....I am loving this color combo...

work in progress


New and exciting things to check out...

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