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Stitch Story: NSFW Swap

I joined my very first swap that one of the Flickr groups I belong to put together. The theme was NSFW, which could be interpreted any way you wanted. Normally I don't do many things that would be considered NSFW, but I figured this would be a good opportunity to do something different.....

Farkin' A

The design is from a book of 19th century German designs. I altered the original to make room for the words and to change some of the elements that repeated, but I took parts from other designs from the same book. The phrase has been one of my recent favorites and was uttered a number of times when I screwed something up while stitching. I asked my swap partner for her favorite colors and tried to incorporate some of them. The picture doesn't really do them justice.

For more details on the bits, check out the picture on flickr.

I ended up having an extra weekend after I finished my piece, so I decided to make a bonus piece to send. This one is a bit more NSFW than the first. It's kind of a companion piece, but not really.


Because sometimes, calling someone a cunt just doesn't feel right. Another one of my go-to phrases. Border is from same book as the other pattern and the colors are borrowed as well (the text is actually dark blue and not black).

Here's both pieces together framed:

Naughty Words

Looking forward to more swapping!

Best of the Decade Update

So, there'll be no more monthly album lists. For the remainder of the year I'll be working on compiling the best of 09 list, albums of the decade and possibly songs of the decade. Haven't decided whether the album list will be 50 or 100, although I'm still leaning towards 50. Still have alot of albums to sift through, been slacking lately.

Concert: Thom Yorke

Last night I saw Thom Yorke and his new nameless band. It was one of those times that it's good to live in the LA area. I would have taken pictures but frankly, I'm lazy. When Thom came out, he got a standing ovation which was cool, and well deserved. They played The Eraser in its entirety and some various new tracks. The whole band was into it, particularly Thom and Flea (who isn't used to playing quality music as of late), There was lots of dancing and percussiony goodness, which made "Skip Divided" awesome, and the highlight of the night for me. I also enjoyed "And It Rained All Night", "Paperbag Writer" (a Radiohead B-side I've never heard because I suck), and "Open The Floodgates".


The Eraser
The Clock
Black Swan
Skip Divided
Atoms For Peace
And It Rained All Night
Harrowdown Hill
Cymbal Rush
Lotus Flower/Moon Upon A Stick
Open The Floodgates
Super Collider
Paperbag Writer
Judge, Jury & Executioner
The Hollow Earth