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Concert: Sondre Lerche

Opting to drive down to San Diego rather than go to LA is always a good move, particularly for smaller shows like this because the crowds are so much more pleasant and not full of themselves. Plus you have the excuse to go to Denny's at 2 am!

So, the show was really good and Sondre Lerche was very entertaining and chatty with the crowd. It was a pretty simple show, just him and his guitars (electric and acoustic). He played mostly songs from the new album which all sounded great and some older stuff, mainly from Faces Down.

Setlist (not in order):

Good Luck
If Only
Heartbeat Radio
I Guess It's Gonna Rain Today
Words & Music
Like Lazenby
Easy To Persuade
My Hands Are Shaking
She's Fantastic
Two Way Monologue
Dead Passengers
Sleep On Needles
No One's Gonna Come
Modern Nature
The Word Girl

And for those playing along at home, he played 4 of the songs from my wishlist, including the 2 I most wanted to hear, She's Fantastic and Sleep on Needles. Was really hoping to hear Phantom Punch as well though.

Setlist Wishlist: Sondre Lerche

Seeing Sondre Lerche tonight. I haven't seen him since his first album was out way back in 2003, so there's lots of songs I've never heard that I'd like to. The new album is growing on me and I'm really interested to hear what some of the songs sound like stripped down.

  • Sleep On Needles
  • No One's Gonna Come
  • Track You Down
  • Two Way Monologue
  • Counter Spark
  • The Curse of Being in Love
  • She's Fantastic
  • Airport Taxi Reception
  • Phantom Punch
  • After All
  • Let My Love Open the Door

Fall/Winter Reading List

Now that my birthday has passed and I've gotten even more books to read, I can make a proper reading list that I probably won't get through. The one thing I miss about grad school is that it gave me plenty of opportunities to catch up on my reading. So this is what I'll be trying to tackle, with some additions likely...

Brideshead Revisited- Evelyn Waugh
Pygmy- Chuck Palaniuk
Sex, Drugs, and Coco Puffs- Chuck Klosterman
The TIpping Point- Malcolm Gladwell
Strokes of Genius- Jon Wertheim
Cane River- Lalita Tademy
The Innocence of the Devil- Nawal El Saadawi
Let The Right One In- John Ajvide Lindqvist
Her Fearful Symmetry- Audrey Niffenegger
Dexter By Design- Jeff Lindsay
Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters- Ben Winters/Jane Austen

Required Listening: September

2006 was a decent enough year. Neko Case and Thom Yorke were highlights. I forgot how much I liked Sondre Lerche's Duper Sessions.

This months' 2007 albums should be pretty easy, since they're so recent. I've listened to most of them in the last few weeks. I really need some new music to listen to.

Beirut- The Flying Club Cup
The Good Life- Help Wanted Nights
PJ Harvey- White Chalk
Interpol- Our Love to Admire
Kings of Leon- Because of the Times
Sondre Lerche- Phantom Punch
The National- Boxer (which is NOT better than Alligator)
The New Pornographers- Challengers
Radiohead- In Rainbows
Silverchair- Young Modern
Spoon- Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Tegan and Sara- The Con
David Usher- Strange Birds
John Vanderslice- Emerald City

And for point of reference, my best of 2007 list.