Happy Birthday Mr X Stitch!

Mrxstitch.com turns 1 today! Over the last year, it's become one of my favorite sites to visit, and not just because some of my work has been featured there (although, that didn't hurt). I've been inspired by so many of the things showcased there and in the official flickr group, Phat Quarter. I love to see what other people are making and how they're pushing the envelope.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Keep up the great work Jamie and Bridget!

Speaking of inspiration, yesterday I made this...

I saw this piece by krupp (whose robots I love, by the way), which got me thinking about stitching on upholstery fabrics to add texture. I found some fabric dirt cheap to try out. It's roughly 18 count. So I stitched this to see how it would look. I actually screwed up the original pattern and didn't feel like fixing it so  I had to morph it into something else. I think it worked well enough. I have a project I'll probably stitch on this fabric soon.