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Concert: The National

A little surprised that this is my first show of the year. But it's also the first of three over the next couple months. Everytime I venture into LA, I'm reminded why I don't very often. Particularly for shows, LA crowds are crappy. Although the crowd last night wasn't particularly bad (by LA standards). The National are very very good. They're definitely one of those bands who rock more live than on record, which makes seeing them live even better. They played 3 new songs which were all really good and a whole lot of stuff from Boxer. I think I have a new appreciation for "Squalor Victoria" and "Abel" after hearing them last night. I got to hear "All The Wine" and my other favorites from Alligator, with the exception of "Karen", which is apparently one of those songs they've never really played that much live. It was funny to see Matt Beringer get progressively more drunk as the show went on. At one point he got tangled up with the mic stand and the cord and fell over and almost rolled into the guitar player. It was an entertaining show on all fronts. Hopefully I'll be able to see them again after the album comes out.


Start a War
Mistaken for Strangers
Secret Meeting
Baby We'll Be Fine
Slow Show
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
Squalor Victoria
All the Wine
Apartment Story
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Fake Empire

Green Gloves
Mr November
About Today

Happy Birthday Mr X Stitch! turns 1 today! Over the last year, it's become one of my favorite sites to visit, and not just because some of my work has been featured there (although, that didn't hurt). I've been inspired by so many of the things showcased there and in the official flickr group, Phat Quarter. I love to see what other people are making and how they're pushing the envelope.

I can't wait to see what the next year brings. Keep up the great work Jamie and Bridget!

Speaking of inspiration, yesterday I made this...

I saw this piece by krupp (whose robots I love, by the way), which got me thinking about stitching on upholstery fabrics to add texture. I found some fabric dirt cheap to try out. It's roughly 18 count. So I stitched this to see how it would look. I actually screwed up the original pattern and didn't feel like fixing it so  I had to morph it into something else. I think it worked well enough. I have a project I'll probably stitch on this fabric soon.

Stitch Story: Slugapus

On my way from Texas to California waiting for the plane to take off, I noticed this thing on the wing of the plane that kind of resembled a slug/snail. I thought it would be an interesting thing to stitch so I quickly sketched the shape out to make a pattern once I got home. And so the slugapus was born.

It has a duck-bill like a platypus (although that is not its mouth), and a body like a snail but with an oversized eye. While making this, I decided that its favorite song would be "Boogie Oogie Oogie".

I may possibly be insane.

Required Listening: August

Between being sick and vacation, I kinda slacked off on my '05 albums and still have a few to listen to. Luckily the list for '06 is fairly short.

Here goes:

Beirut- Gulag Orkestar
Black Keys- Magic Potion
Brand New Heavies- Get Used to It
Neko Case- Fox Confessor Brings the Flood
Cursive- Happy Hollow
Gnarls Barkley- St. Elsewhere
Grizzly Bear- Yellow House
Emm Gryner- Summer of High Hopes
Sondre Lerche- Duper Sessions
Placebo- Meds
Corinne Bailey Rae- Corinne Bailey Rae
Silversun Pickups- Carnavas
Thom Yorke- The Eraser

Been in a Sondre Lerche mood lately. Listening to Two Way Monologue a bunch. It's much better than I originally thought. Nice when albums surprise you like that. Definitely looking forward to the new album and the show in Sept. He's one of the artists I've been wanting to see again.